I always want to be 100% honest with my readers in regards to everything I do on this blog.  Therefore this is my open disclosure to all of you.

On the occasion I have been asked to do product reviews.  Product reviews involve said company sending me a product, I test it out and tell you guys about my experience through blogging about it.  Yes I do accept product reviews from brands, but I only accept to do reviews of products that I would have otherwise been interested in without receiving them for free, or they go along with the overall message of my blog.  Trust I have turned down numerous products to review...you'd be surprised what people want to send you!
From time to time I receive a compensation item from a brand, company, etc for work that I have done for them or with them on my blog or outside of blogging. In the case that I feature a comp item on my blog you will ALWAYS see a C/O (courtesy of) indication.

Blogging takes a lot of work, and those of you who blog know exactly what a labor of love it is. Bloggers now a days are requesting compensation for their work in advertising brands, etc. On the occasion when I have been paid by a brand/company that I choose to work with these posts will always have a "SPONSORED-POST" Disclosure.  Again I do not choose brands that I feature based on $$, I choose based on what I would represent otherwise, or I'm passionate about, or that I feel my fans would love to read about, and agrees with the overall message of my blog.

There are locations on my blog in which links lead you to a 3rd-party site, usually a store I shop in.  Most of these links take you to the site in which you have an option to purchase a product from them.  This referral to a site through this link is called an affiliate. If you purchase through the link on my blog I make a small percentage of the sale.



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