Winter Holiday Art Market - Part 2

Monday, December 03, 2018

WHAM officially opened to the public on Saturday, November 17th. It was free to attend and peruse the vendors.  Due to a prior engagement on the 17th, I was unable to attend on Saturday, but I returned to the market on Sunday to capture the artists I missed on Friday. One of my favorite artists was Angela Fabbri.  She created the art pieces below with the backward writing. I was instantly drawn to these paintings because backward writing makes me think of Leonard Da Vinci who used mirror writing to hide his notes. I loved the words and the vibrant color of her artwork.
Angela Fabbri, Fabbriology
Pauline Solnik's "Cut & Paste"
Artist, Jeff Forster
Wayuu Laly Boutique
Wayuu Laly Boutique
Daria Aksenova
Daria Aksenova
feto soap
Casa de Camera Custom Home Goods
Mostly Chocolate samples
Mostly Chocolate display

Magpies & Peacocks
Magpies & Peacocks
Harris & Essex Baked Goods
It's Just Gerald artwork
It's Just Gerald
Knotty Woodworx
Point 506 Clothing & Art
Michael Leanes Designs

Adri's Art
Chauncy & Coco

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