Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Lemon Laine is a natural beauty and wellness store that just opened it's first Texas store at Heights Mercantile off of Yale Street. I attended their soft opening for the store last month and I was blown away by the design of the space, the products, and the knowledgeable associates. I will be sharing my entire post on Lemon Laine soon, but I wanted to specifically highlight their oil bar.  

A glass of wine? Don't mind if I do!
I was invited to swing by Lemon Laine to experience their oil bar. What's an oil bar? As more and more data shows the negative effects of chemicals in most of our consumer products: cleaning products, food, beauty, makeup, etc, naturally occurring essential oils are becoming vastly popular.  The Oil Bar at Lemon Laine is where the associates create custom oils for you depending on your particular skin and wellness needs. I was super pumped for this, because the more I learn about essential oils the more I love them.  The first thing they do is offer you a glass of wine followed by the completion of a skin and wellness survey. The survey asks you to identify your top skin goals,  remark on your favorite scents, and address daily routines from drinking water to achieving enough sleep.

My biggest skin issue is dry skin. I also didn't have a great answer for drinks enough water, energy levels, sleep, and diet...smh. I really need to get it together. But all of those elements affect your skin.  If my skin is dry, then I need to stay hydrated with more water intake!
 was lucky to have the store owner, Laura do my oil bar experience! She was there when I came in for my appointment. She has worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years and knows her stuff!

Laura started off by explaining the base oil that is used in my customized oil: jojoba and marshmallow root. Then based on my survey answers and favored scents she chose KuKui Nut, Avocado, Hemp, Carrot Root and Sandalwood for my other oils to mix with the base oil.
Laura explained that you don't need to overdo it with the amount of essential oils you add to your bottle. A little bit goes a long way in the essential oils field.

I really liked the display dish for the oils. I actually felt like I was back in the chemistry lab with the beakers and the test tubes! After all, mixing ingredients and oils is chemistry at the end of the day! Since my custom oils were specific to hydration needs, they gave me a hydration card with information on the ingredients in my bottle.

Throughout the process, I was able to test different oils on my skin and choose options based on which scent I liked the best. It really was cool to customize my oils! Once they bottle your concoction in the cute Lemon Laine dropper bottle, they give you cute stickers to decorate the bottle. Some may choose 1 or 2 stickers. I used all of them! Why not?
My sticker ladened bottled! Teehee I LOVED the stickers. I loved my oil mix as well. I've used it every day!

I also asked Laura about other products she recommends in her store for cleansing.  She recommended cleansing before applying my essential oils and I had a feeling my usual soap and water method wasn't cutting it.  I also told her I still use makeup wipes to take makeup off and she offered the Mother Dirt cleanser as an alternative to the wipes. And lastly, when I told her I was having issues sleeping and with some aches and pains she recommended the magnesium topical spray.  She uses all the products but spoke highly of her experience with the magnesium spray so I left with that as well! I need anything I can get that can naturally help me sleep.

The custom oil bar experience is $65 and you can host a party with your girlfriends (up to 6) to come and everyone enjoys the oil bar and receives a custom oil mix for their skin type. It was a very relaxing experience because I picked the day when there was a saxophonist playing Christmas music in the background. I love woodwind instruments, and the saxophone is just soooo relaxing! 

Laura and her team were so nice and helpful. Again, I had a ton of questions that they were able to answer and provide product and oil options for.  It didn't feel like they were trying to push sales, they genuinely wanted to help people get the right stuff that they need. They were patient with all of my questions as well! The oils last a while especially if you only use a few drops a day. But I will definitely be back to pick up another one when this one runs out. They offer 20% discount on refills! They also keep a file on hand of your last mixology, but encourage a re-evaluation as the seasons change, etc, as your skin issues can change with time. You can book your custom oil bar experience here.

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