Saturday, December 15, 2018

If I was rich, I would be at the spa every, single day, and that is NOT an exaggeration. I LOVE massages and just zen places to relax, which is why the newly renovated Mokara Spa at Omni Houston Hotel & Resort fit right into my weekly schedule.  During Hurricane Harvey, the Omni Hotel suffered a lot of damage, including 10 feet of water inside the hotel.  They came up with a plan to renovate the hotel post the destruction. They just recently opened in November (you can see my blog post covering the hotel here), but the spa still had a few more things to finish up before opening.  Omni was nice enough to invite me back to experience the spa once it had opened.

I received a complimentary treatment at the spa and lunch in exchange for a review.

They did more than just invite me to enjoy the spa, they invited to specifically check out their SPlunch (Spa + Lunch) package. I was actually the FIRST person to try the package since they re-opened! Yay! I love being first.  My day started around 11 A.M. arriving at Omni.  The spa will validate your self-parking ticket, so you can park and not have to worry about paying to park which is really, REALLY nice.  I received a tour of the new spa, and lucky for me I had the entire spa to myself! Before I even started the spa experience, I was able to pick the aromatherapy scent that I wanted for my massage.  I picked the earth scent. After I picked out my scent, I was taken to the locker room area to change.  Everyone gets their own key-code locker, a robe, and slippers.  

The locker room area had a hot tub, sauna, and showers for us. I knew that I wasn't leaving Mokara without getting in the hot tub! After I changed, I headed to the Relaxation Room.  It's a nice, zen lounge area where you can wait before being called back for your massage. My favorite parts of the Relaxation Room was the little alcoves that were furnished with beds, blankets, and privacy curtains. I had a good 15 minutes before my massage, so I picked one of the alcove areas to lye in. I almost fell asleep. Almost too soon, my masseuse, Annie came to get me for my massage!

Annie was amazing. My massage was 60 minutes, but I wish it had been longer!! To me, the worst part about getting a massage is when it's done! I'm usually so relaxed and half asleep that I just want to stay in the massage room forever and take a nap! Hahaha. She used the earth scent that I picked out and that turned out to be amazing. Afterward, I was provided with water and a glass of champagne. I took my champagne to the hot tub and stayed in there for about 30 minutes. Honestly, the only reason I got out of the hot tub was that I started looking like a prune. I wonder what a "health" time limit is for staying in a hot tub! Ha!  

When I finally changed back into my normal clothes, Stephanie, the Spa Manager led me to Omni's hotel restaurant called Birdie's for my lunch. They already had the menu ready for me, so it was easy to choose what I wanted. I went for the Avocado Toast and the Texas Prime Burger. Both were sublime! I'm actually still dreaming about that burger.....

The spa has plenty of other things to enjoy as well. You can receive a mani/pedi, get your hair done, shop their luxurious spa products, enjoy the pool and the gym depending on what services and memberships you purchase. You don't have to be a hotel guest to enjoy Mokara. A lot of the people in the nearby area are members because the spa is great and so close!  Right now, Mokara is doing a special deal for anyone who brings in a toy to donate to their Toys for Tots drive. For every toy you bring in, you receive $25 off one of the services.  The drive is going until December 31st, so give back if you can, and receive a discount!

New manicure station.
Pedicures and foot massages.
Salon area 
Amethyst is my birthstone, so I have to take a picture whenever I see one of these!


I had a great time at Mokara and I will definitely be back for more services...prolly the SPLunch again, bc that food was yummy in my tummy!


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