ART BEATS & LYRICS - Houston Edition

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Art Beats & Lyrics was started 13 years ago by the organization Cult Creative. It's a traveling art and music exhibition, that started off as an art show in Atlanta.  The creators are always coming up with new ways to display art and immerse the crowd in an experience they won't forget.  This year, the Houston edition of AB+L was held at Union Station at Minute Maid Park.  AB+L also partnered with Jack Daniel's Tennesse Honey Whiskey and that is how I became privy to the event.  I was invited by the Jack Daniel's team to attend the event after attending the preview party a few weeks prior at Bar 5015.   As a media guest of Jack Daniels, we had access to the event earlier and VIP area and received a personal tour from Dwayne Wright.

This was my first time attending an event at Minute Maid Park that wasn't a baseball game.  The venue was perfect for AB+L. There was a ton of space for all of the artwork, areas to dance, and places to mix and mingle.  Jack Daniels, as a partner was on hand giving away free merchandise from hats to windbreaker jackets.  I was too slow at approaching the table and missed out on the jacket, but I DID pick up a T-shirt! The team at Cult Creative is always trying to create a unique experience for the crowd. This year they added light boxes to the artwork. I really loved the effect of the light boxes.  The colors on the artwork looked so vibrant, and they almost looked like photographs! Well, some WERE photographs, but the art on display was made from varying medium.  Some of the artwork was interactive, some made you think, and some evoked memories.  The curation of the art was impressive.


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