Bayou City Art Festival 2018 - Day 1 Recap

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Artist: Leif Erik Johansen from Asheville, NC
I've covered the Bayou City Arts Festival on my blog a few times over the years, but I have to say, this most recent visit was a lot of fun for me! First, I attended the festival with a new friend, so that was fun! I met MarSha at my apartment complex. She was there to teach a fitness class and we ended up chatting about her work as an author and budding you-tuber. I told her I was a blogger and the rest was history.  This was our first time hanging out since we met a few months ago, so it was fun to get to know each other better!

I was offered complimentary tickets to the Bayou City Arts Festival in exchange for an honest review.

The Bayou City Art Festival occurs biannually, once in the Spring, and once in the Fall. The Spring edition is held at Memorial Park and the Fall one is held downtown. I love attending both locations for the festival, but now that I live downtown, attending the Fall edition is easier than ever before! BCAF-downtown was held October 13th - 14th this year. I was able to attend both days!! MarSha and I went on Saturday, but Sunday I toured the rest of the festival by myself.  I captured a lot of great artwork, and I linked to some of the artists below.
MarSha and I hanging out in the Kids' Zone on Saturday of the festival!
The festival was quite large; it covered a few blocks of downtown. We tried to strategically attack it by working our way from one end to the other.  The very first piece of artwork we came across had been completed by a deaf artist. It was a very emotional painting because it was a self-portrait and it featured some of the hurtful things people had said to him over the years because they didn't understand his disability, or more than likely they were just being downright rude. I didn't realize that the artist was deaf at first, because I started talking to him before I caught on.  I felt bad for just speaking, but he was replying and he informed me that he could read lips.  

Artist, Carlos Macias

Houston Acura dealers was one of the sponsors and they had some nice cars on display.

I really loved the wood sculptures done by Salem Barker! The colors were amazing, and the pieces unique!
Salem Barker sculptures

Joshua Duncan Deconstructed Paintings
Rebekah Vinyard Jewelry
I really enjoyed the geometric shapes on Rebekah's jewelry!
Tzedakah boxes by Seeka. Are you familiar with Tzedakah boxes? They're apart of Jewish culture and charity obligations.  The boxes are used to collect money for a charity and when they are full they are given to the charity. These ones by Seeka are stunning!!!!

Nice pottery work by Ryan Lucier of Handcrafted Rhyno Clayworks

Curry Works

One of my favorite parts of the festival was the Kids' Creative Zone area. Ha, this 34 year old had a ton of fun acting like a kid, chasing larger-than-life bubbles and making crafts. I really think adults take themselves too seriously sometimes. Most of the adults there were just helping their kids make crafts, which is great, but they can make some too!! I stopped at every single booth to make a craft. Honestly they should rename this area Creative Zone and make it for everyone, not just kids! And they could even incorporate some more adult crafts/DIYs.  We like to make things too! The creative zone was held inside the main section of Sam Houston park.  We ate lunch there and then took in all the activities.

Attending the art festival was very relaxing and something I really needed after the week I had prior.  The weather was perfect and just being able to walk around and enjoy the artwork and the atmosphere was just what the doctor ordered.  I also had my FIRST ever pizza in a cone from the Kono Pizza food truck! 

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