A Slice of Life Pool Party - Alexan 5151

Sunday, September 02, 2018

While I LOVE my apartment complex, Houston has really stepped it up with offering a bunch of great apartment complexes around the city. It's great that so many management companies are really stepping it up for their residents, because people have to live ALL over Houston, not just downtown where I live, and living in a nice apartment community is a great experience. The Alexan communities, especially the new ones; Alexan Downtown, Alexan City Centre and Alexan 5151 are several lovely communities that someone could take pride in calling their home.  They are stunning communities, and if I worked closer to some of them, they would definitely be on my list of apartments to consider.  

I attended Alexan 5151's grand opening party a few months ago and they were nice enough to invite me back to Summer pool party titled, A Slice of life! I never pass up an opportunity to go to the pool, so I invited my friend Holly to go with me and we headed to Alexan 5151.  Alexan 5151 is located in the Galleria area right behind the Galleria Mall. It's a great location for shopping and dining out! The pool area at Alexan 5151 is amazing. They have great outdoor seating options with cabanas with fans, and they have an indoor/outdoor area that's great to still enjoy the outdoors but have some cover from the sun or the rain.  Alexan 5151 pulled out all the stops with a yummy grub and drinks station.  They had a ton of food, and then ordered Russo's pizza on top of everything else. I was pleasantly full by the time I left! They hired a DJ that had us rocking in the pool, and they even posted me on their instagram! Check out photos from the pool party below!

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