Sunday, September 30, 2018

Every now and then, I'm invited to cover some events that I have NO idea how the invite came about, but I'm extremely grateful for the invite! Earlier this summer I was invited to cover the Championship game of the American Flag Football League as press!! Now, I'm sure you've heard of flag football. Most of us played flag football at some point in our lives during gym class, but did you know it existed as a professional league? Well it is! Jeffrey Lewis, CEO and Founder of AFFL introduced the league in 2017, to a whirlwind of support! The success of the AFFL led to their inaugural U.S. Open of Football tournament that pitched amateur flag football players against former professional athletes for a chance to win $1 Million dollars.  

The tournament, which consisted of a 132 team, single elimination style play, garnered even more attention, when the NFL network partnered with AFFL to broadcast the last 11 games of the tournament, ending with the championship game that I attended in Houston!  There were only 4 professional athlete teams. The teams were lead by Michael Vick, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, Basketball players Nate Robinson and Carlos Boozer and Justin Forsett and Olympic Champion Michael Johnson.  The other 128 teams were flag football teams listed under the America's bracket of the AFFL.  These 128 teams played each other to get to the semifinals in which they played against the professional athlete teams. Anyone can apply to play on one of the 128 teams. They're already taking applications for the 2019 tournament. If you're interested you can apply here.  

The Ultimate Final game was held at the Houston Dash and Dynamo BBVA Compass stadium. The final match up was between Flag Football Team, Fighting Cancer and Pro-Athlete Team, Godspeed.  I was pretty shocked at the outcome of the game. I knew the professional athlete's maybe hadn't played in awhile, but they were all still in great shape, and they played for the NFL, and yet they were pretty much crushed by Fighting Cancer. The final score was 26 to 6! I know this had to boost moral for the professional flag football players to beat these NFL athletes.  I definitely expected the game to be a lot closer! Fighting Cancer went home with $1 Million Dollars, but also play to donate proceeds of their winnings to charity!

This was my first time covering an official sports game as press.  Sure, I've taken the occasional photo at games before, but this time I was official! I received special instructions for how to enter the stadium as press and I received a photo vest! I was able to sit in the working press room, and they even had food and drinks for us! I was able to go back and forth between the press area in the stands down to the field. I had such a blast! I also met a lot of other photographers and made some great connections. I would LOVE to keep covering events like this! Who knew that I'd one day cover a sporting event as a fashion & lifestyle blogger? Not I!

Michael Vick

Deshaun Watson chatting with Michael Vick  

Flag Football Team, Fighting Cancer entering the field
Pro-Team, God-Speed entering the field
News teams interviewing Houston Texans' Quarterback, Deshaun Watson

Jeffery Lewis, CEO & Founder of AFFL

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