Sunday, August 12, 2018

White Linen Nights is an annual street festival in Houston that originated in New Orleans. It was brought to Houston by Hurricane Katrina transplants.  The first edition of the festival was in 2006 and it's always the first weekend of August.  The festival has scaled down quite a bit from years past.  Today, the main part of White Linen Nights in the Heights (WLNITH) occupies 2 - 3 blocks of W. 19th street.  Previously it took up many blocks with fashion shows and live music everywhere.  Even though the festival has scaled back, it's still a blast. I don't actually care for linen material (it's so hard to keep wrinkles from forming), so every year I wear whatever white pieces I find in my closet.

This year I was invited to a private party at Circa Real Estate.  I've shared a few posts on the blog about influencer events with Circa Real Estate.  Circa Real Estate is a trendy real estate firm located in the heights.  They always host fun events at different locations to get the word out about their listings. They had prime real estate (pun intended) to host a party for White Linen Nights with their location on 19th street. Their party was from 3 - 5 pm and since WLNITH didn't officially start until 6 pm it was the perfect pre-party.  

This was my first time inside the actual offices of Circa Real Estate. They have such a cute location! I met some cool people, including 3 ladies that work for Fixd, a new home warranty company also working to get their name out there. I stayed at the party for a few hours, and then started roaming the streets of the festival.  I had a gap hour between the party and the official start of WLNITH so I explored a few of the shops on 19th street. All of the shops were offering discounts, drinks, and lite bites! Some stores had live music and DJs as well! I love a themed party so walking around with a whole bunch of people in white is risky, but fun! Check out photos from my night below:







Overlay: Ashley Stewart // Necklace: c/o Lulu Frost // Shorts: Rainbow // Shoes: Michael Kors

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