THE ART OF THE CHALICE - Stella Artois Event

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Life has definitely gotten in the way of me updating my blog! I've been dealing with a few things, and I feel between that and work I'm always exhausted and I just want to come home and sleep and lay around and watch TV instead of However, I'm getting my "3rd" wind which I'm calling Shasie 3.0.  Shasie 3.0 is someone who is focusing on her needs first and trying to maintain some semblance of a path to happiness.  Things and people that cause me stress have to be removed from my life. Now blogging doesn't stress me out, but trying to keep up some ridiculous posting schedule does. I'm much happier blogging when the moment of 'wanting to blog' right now. I'm going to try and catch all of you up on a few cool events that I've participated in over the last few months, starting with this cool Stella Artois event. 

It's no secret that I'm not a big drinker, and beer is my least favorite beverage of all. However, I love cool glassware, and an art event, so when Stella Artois invited me to attend their Art of the Chalice event I was there! The event was held at the Crystal Ballroom inside of Post Rice Lofts. I've attended a few events in this space, including my friends' wedding reception two years ago. I ended up running into my friend Taylor there and we had fun exploring all the sections of the event. My favorite areas was the glass blowing demonstration and the Art of the Pour area. At the glass blower demo, 2 local glass blowers shows us what goes into making a glass chalice. The bartender at the Art of the Pour taught me how to pour a glass of Stella Artois with the perfect ratio of foam to beer in the chalice. 

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