COMICPALOOZA: My Nick Fury Costume

Sunday, July 01, 2018

For Day 2 of Comicpalooza I decided to dress up.  A few months before Comicpalooza I decided to dress up as Nick Fury.  Nick Fury is the Director of Shield in Marvel Comicbooks. He is played by Samuel L. Jackson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.  I picked Nick Fury for several reasons.  He's black (Ha!), his costume is all black, and the items for the costume were relatively easy to procure. The hardest item to find was a trench coat, and I ended up lucking out with that one. I posted on my instastories that I needed a trench coat and if anyone knew where I could find one to let me know! 
Nick Fury's Costume

My friend Lauren responded and said she has a trench coat that was given to her by her mom's husband to see if anyone in her house wanted it, and they couldn't find a use for it.  It's a super nice trench coat so they didn't want to throw it away.  She said I could have it and keep it!!! So I met up with her a week later and picked it up. The other items that I had to procure were an eye patch and combat boots. I already had all black clothes.  I purchased the eyepatch from Party City, and bonus, I bought these boots for $14.00 from DSW!

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