Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Comicpalooza celebrated it's 10th Anniversary with another whirlwind weekend of activities. For me, this was only my 4th time attending.   If you're unfamiliar with Comicpalooza, it's Houston's very own version of a Comic Con (short for convention).  The most well known Comic Con in the U.S. is San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), but it's VERY difficult, I repeat VERY DIFFICULT to get into. You have to know someone, that knows someone, and probably sacrifice a lamb (jk).  That's just another reason why I love Comicpalooza so much. It's accessible to everyone! All you have to do is purchase a ticket. There is no lottery, digital waiting rooms, etc to attend. They also have deals throughout the year leading up to the convention to buy tickets as heavily discounted prices.  

This year, I was lucky enough to attend as media again.  I've been covering the Convention on my blog for the last few years.  The convention used to be privately managed, and I started covering the convention through a Blogger Media Group.  Once the city took over the convention, media outlets could apply individually to cover the Con.  The Convention has changed dates a few times, but typically it's held every Memorial Day Weekend, and this year was no different.  I attended ALL 3 days with some people on my team to help me cover the convention.  One of my favorite things about the convention is receiving my badge. I know that sounds silly, but there's always some cool graphic on the badges drawn by one of the exhibitors selling their artwork at the show.  This year's round of badges did not disappoint.

The first thing I did was get in line to take a picture with the Astros World Series trophy. I'm not a huge sports fan, but I figured when in life will I be able to get this close to a championship trophy. After my photo-op, I attended one of the NASA panels on the NASA tract. I'm obsessed with all things Space....seriously...obsessed.  I like to know what NASA is up too and learn about all the cool things they are working on, and potentially meet an Astronaut.  The first panel by NASA was titled  "Next Test Flight for Orion".  They are testing launching and returns for Orions before they are ready to put a Human crew on the shuttle. We learned all about the test missions for Orion and their purpose!

Ian Young (Left) and Tony Williams (Right)

After the Orion Test Flight panel, I attended the Strong Women in STEM.  Chief Scientist Eileen Stansbury and NASA Engineer Heather Paul led us through their top ten list of how to achieve success as females. I was really impressed by these ladies; especially Heather. She's a Mechanical Engineer who's into art and wears PINK hair to work! I felt like she's me, only in a place that accepts her for who she is, so I had to ask her about her Career Path being someone unique. She gave me really great advice.  I plan to reach out to her again for some more tips on how to stay true to yourself, but still garner respect professionally. 

In addition to panels, the convention hosts celebrity Q&As & photo ops, gaming lounges, musical acts, martial arts training, and a huge exhibition hall with vendors selling everything from Comics to Millenium Falcon shaped cheese trays. It's really hard not to buy EVERYTHING.  I wasn't too impressed with the celebrity line-up this year. There were just a few celebs that I was really interested in seeing: Charlie Cox, who plays Daredevil, Kristen Ritter (Jessica Jones), James Marsters and of course Tom Holland.

Charlie Cox Q&A Panel
Full house for Charlie
James Marsters' Panel

3D printed figures
LEGO reenactment of the last battle scene in The Last Jedi.

LEGO reenactment of The Alamo battle
LEGO reenactment from the last battle scene in Star Wars: Rogue One.
My friends Zack and Emilie came to the show on Friday! This was their first time attending Comicpalooza.
My favorite artist was there; Cory Smith.  I purchase a drawing from him every year.  This year, I debated between Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman or Thanos.
I ended up purchasing the Thanos poster! It's now up in my bedroom with my other superhero/super villain posters.
I basically spent all day at the convention, besides one moment when I left to go feed my cats. I decided not to dress up in costume the first day, and just wore my Captain America shirt and earrings. I was exhausted by the of the day, but later that evening Comicpalooza sponsored a "Movie in the Park" at Discovery Green. They were showing The Dark Knight. To me, The Dark Knight is one of the greatest superhero movies ever made. I'll never forget the emotional roller coaster I went through watching it for the first time in the theater. My stomach was soooo tight. RIP Heath Ledger.  To introduce the film, Actor Nestor Carbonell, who played the mayor in the film, did a Q&A and talked about his time on Lost and filming Dark Knight.  

I was definitely ready for bed by the time the movie was over! Stay tuned for more Comicpalooza recaps!

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  1. Spike! Too bad I missed that panel, but it was a great time. Thanks for posting a recap ... I love seeing the con through they eyes of a photographer (slash blogger extraordinaire)


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