Tuesday, May 01, 2018

I may not be a food blogger, but it's no secret that I love food, AND activities surrounding food. Ha, which is why I felt extremely honored to be invited to Crityk's first VIP Lunch event in Houston. Crityk, is more than just a "find food" app. The app, which was created by Sumit Sikka and John Kegel, helps you pick what you eat based on your personal palate. It helps you pick the best items on a restaurant's menu and matches food and drink options to your diet preferences. As a member of Crityk VIP you'll have the chance to attend different lunch events around your city and discover new restaurants and network with fellow foodies.

For their Houston Crityk event, the founders hosted a lunch at Peli Peli Kitchen with Branwar Wines. We were invited to taste different dishes from the restaurants and sample different brands offered by Branwar Wines.  This was my first time eating at Peli Peli Kitchen and it was worth every bit of over stuffing my face that I did that day.  Peli Peli boasts South African cuisine, but it's really a mix of food from all regions. They have a great variety of menu items.  Branwar Wine is actually a distribution company for South African wines, they do not have their own wine.  Pairing our South African cuisine at Peli Peli with Branwar was only natural.  

Peli Peli has several locations in Houston, but they reach out to different audiences depending on what type of ambiance you're in the mood for.  Peli Peli Galleria is a bit more upscale, but still serves South African, while Peli Peli Kitchen, where we had our event, was more laid back.  I really loved the design of Peli Peli Kitchen.  liked the splattered paint, the motivational quotes, and South African slang.  I was the only fashion blogger at this event, which once again made me feel honored, since they only invited 25 bloggers to attend, mostly food bloggers.  I know a few food bloggers in Houston, but I met sooooo many at this lunch! It was cool to connect with bloggers in a different niche. I made several new connections with some fabulous bloggers, including Araz from Houston Eateries, and Lola of Hungry Traveling Mama! Definitely follow them on the gram!

My new friends Lola and Araz

With the first food review blogger I met in Houston, Dominique!

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