Monday, May 07, 2018

In honor of the upcoming nuptials between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Circa Real Estate decided to host a Royal Wedding themed blogger networking party at one of their beautiful listings in the Heights.  However, Circa Real Estate is just that great, that the house was sold before the party so we had to change locations.  The new home was on Allston street in the heights, and the owners, prominent home developers at CJ Hop, opened up their house to us for the intimate gathering and to showcase some interior design and architectural elements. (Y'all already know how much I love home decor). 
Some of the photos in this post were taken by Lauren Garcia at Stills by Garcia.

So I arrived at the home a little later than everyone else because I had to drive there all the way from Pasadena, but the party was still going when I arrived.  There was a fun velvet red carpet for us to walk on in the foyer, and I immediately fell in love with the unique furnishings in this home!! In the kitchen there were royal theme desserts from Oui Desserts, cocktails by Dripping Springs Vodka, and Tea from TeaSip.  In the corner, Houston boutique, Emerson Rose provided some great items for sale and dress-up for the photobooth. On TV, a replay of Duchess Kate and Prince William's wedding was being played. I hardly knew where to start, but I let my stomach decided, and picked up a crown cookie followed by The Royal Baby Palmer cocktail from Dripping Springs. 
How cute are these cocktail names? I didn't get to try The Bloody Good Mary, but if it was anything like The Royal Baby Palmer, than I know it was delicious.

I love the drawers under the stairs! I've never seen this design element before and it's such a great idea! At least in this house, they'd be force to give Harry Potter a room!

I love hosting parties, and I love parties with a great theme and great decorations. The Royal Wedding theme party did not disappoint! From the display of food and drinks, to a fun photo booth, I felt transported to a swanky afternoon tea party in the UK. Mid-way through the event we were taken on a tour of a new construction home a few houses down from the house of the party. I took some videos on my Instagram. Be sure to follow my instagram account for live coverage of these type of events before I blog about them! 




Dripping Springs Vodka Crew

The TeaSip Gang
Cody, Marketing Manager for Circa Real Estate enjoying some yummy tea from TeaSip.
What's a Royal Wedding without a fascinator? Myself and my home girl Alice of Lonestar Looking Glass were the only two to arrive with some serious headwear!

They also had a social media contest going on that evening, and I won! My prize?  An $80 Gift Package from TeaSip to with teas and teacups!!!! Yea I didn't know I was going to win at the time of this picture, but this smile pretty much sums up my excitement for winning! Yay!

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