Saturday, April 14, 2018

I've been waiting to wear this sweatshirt dress ever since I purchased it earlier this year.  I can't wear it to work, so I had to wait for a night out during a cold front. Tonight, was just such an occurrence.   I met up with a few friends at Cedar Creek. However, I think it's best to wear pants to Cedar Creek...trying to get in and out of picnic table seating isn't conducive to this dress..haha.

So where did I pick up this cute hoodie dress? Palais Royal.  I've been doing a lot more shopping this store.  Palais Royal is apart of the Stage brand of stores. For a long time I overlooked Palais Royal because I thought they didn't cater to my age group, or to my outfit aesthetic.  I've since had a change of heart! Not only do they have chic clothes for a variety of age groups and SIZES, they also have great home decor items.  This hoodie is by Nic Nation and is exclusive to Stage (the parent company of Palais Royal) and one other store.  So if you want this hoodie, you'll have to visit a stage store or purchase it online

Sweatshirt Dress: Nic Nation (Stage) // Booties: Nine West (Similar)


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