Monday, April 23, 2018

I had the opportunity to attend a unique event last weekend called Dressed to Kilt.  This was Dressed to Kilt's first show outside of New York, and they chose to host it in Houston, Texas! We were definitely honored to host the show this year!  So what is Dressed to Kilt and why did they choose to host their Annual show in Houston this year?  Started in 2003 with the help of legendary actor, Sean Connery, Dressed to Kilt has become the most prestigious Scottish fashion event in the world. The show works with the Friends of Scotland charity to give to charities around the world.  For their 2018 show, Dressed to Kilt chose the Lone Survivor and Navy Seal Foundations to benefit. 

As for choosing Houston? It was the perfect fit! Did you know that Houston has the largest number of ex-pat Scots out of any other city in the U.S.? I definitely did not know this. I also didn't know that a lot of Texas history has a lot of Scottish heritage associated with it which we learned at the show.  They also wanted to come to Houston to help the city after Hurricane Harvey and honor Jim "Mattress Mack" McInvale for his efforts to help people during Harvey.  If you're not from Houston, Mattress Mack is a legend here. He's a millionaire that amassed a fortune from his retail furniture stores (Gallery Furniture). During Harvey he opened up his stores to house First Responders, families and their pets who lost everything during Harvey. 

The prestigious event was held at Million-Air Houston, a privately owned airport hangar that caters to private jets. Million Air was originally created by the Mary Kay Cosmetics family in 1984 and served as the perfect backdrop for the Dressed to Kilt Fashion Show.


Honoree, Jim "Mattress Mack" McInvale

Houston Rapper Trae The Truth
Ex-Navy Seals
Andrew Cullen, 9/11 Survivor
Carl Lewis, Former Track and Field Star, Olympic Gold Medalist
Staci Henderson, Philanthropist and Founder of Joy Box Flowers
Bob Cavnar, Energy Executive and Co-Founder of Recipe For Success with his wife Gracie Cavnar
Rita Benson LeBlanc,Co-Owner of New Orleans Saints
Jennifer Reyna, KPRC Channel 2 New Ancor
Liz Hanna, direct descendant of John Muir, US Environmentalist responsible for a lot of our National Parks

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