Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It's been a busy couple of weeks...unexpectedly, so. I've been trying to mitigate the worst allergy season I've experienced in a long time. I keep cycling sinusitis with these high pollen levels. I'm still settling in from an unexpected but VERY necessary move, all while staying crazy busy at work, and trying to think of ways to take my side hustle (this blog) to the next level! There's just not enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to accomplish. My brain is constantly churning ideas and while this is great for my ambition and creativity, it's not so great for my peace of mind. I really just need an off switch, a way to shut-off all of these thoughts when I need to sleep or really focus.  My visit to DEFINE Living was just what the Doctor ordered.  
Located at 2515 Morse Street, Define Living is centrally located.
Prior to receiving an invite to visit the studio, I was unfamiliar with the DEFINE brand. Define Living is the sister brand to Define Body & Mind and Define Foods. All of the Define entities were created by Henry Richardson, who's mission is to help you live your best life. Define Body & Mind offers Barre, Cycle and Yoga Classes, while Define foods will help you learn about whole food nutrition. Define Living offers classes that focuses on stillness and meditation. Angelica invited me to visit the studio for a 20/20/20 experience: 20 minutes of yoga, 20 minutes of hammock, and 20 minutes of meditation and learn more about the studio.  I put together a video of my experience at Define Living on my new YouTube channel: Shasie's World! I would love for you to check it out, if you have time today! 

Define Living is more than just a meditation studio. It's also a  tea bar and shop.  There are plenty of tea options that can help with cleansing and your wellness.  They also sell clothes, jewelry, and items to help with meditation and yoga if you desire to continue your journey at home. Check out the below pictures from my night at Define Living!


My experience at Define Living was amazing. As soon as I walked in I was a bit critical of my yoga ability. But the instructor for the evening reinforced the notion with me that our words have a deeper impact than we know, and instead of making statements like, "I suck at yoga", try saying, "I would like to increase my ability in yoga.". I had a personal session with the instructor, so it was pretty cool to have help! The first 20 minutes we did Yoga and she gave me some tips to help with my flexibility until I progress in my yoga journey.  After Yoga, we did 20 minutes of hammock. I tried to invert in the hammock, but fell! I inverted in hammocks before when I did Aerial Yoga a few years ago, but for some reason I struggled this time around.  Practice makes perfect, so I'll just have to keep going.  

My favorite session was the meditation.  Meditation is EXACTLY what I needed. I layed flat and closed my eyes and focused on my breathing while the instructor spoke words on life and the importance of our thoughts. I left feeling fully refreshed! I seriously think people should meditate once or twice a week. Two quotes that stayed with me from the meditation session: 

"Life doesn't happen to you, life happens through you." ~Author Unknown

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything; what we think, we become." ~Buddha

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