Sunday, March 04, 2018

Moving downtown has provided me access to some of the best murals in the city. Some of my favorite murals are located a few minutes from my apartment in East Downtown (EaDo) on Leeland Street. One of the neat things about these murals is that they constantly change. Some of been the same for years, but other walls, keep being redone by new artists. I wonder how the mural artist world works.  Does the building owner give you permission to do this? Do you have to receive permission from the previous mural artist? Maybe, one day I'll try and interview one of these talented individuals just to see how it all works.  My two favorite murals along Leeland Street are the Trayvon Martin Mural and this new one with the ballerinas.  

I was witting across the street, with a friend for brunch at Leeland House when I spotted a few girls in poodle skirts taking photos in front of this wall.  Lucky for me, and not so lucky for my friend, I happened to have my DSLR on me and asked him to take photos of me in front of these murals! He was a good sport and took a bunch of photos for me.  I returned the favor and took some photos of him as well! He's not a blogger, but everyone likes a quality photo every now and then!

The poodle skirt girls! I wonder what they were doing a shoot for! The vibrant colors of these two murals were the perfect backdrop to their photos.
Ever since I saw Black Panther, I've been on this Afrocentric kick with my clothes.  I can't enough of bold earrings and necklaces.  I put together this look a few days after watching Black Panther (the first time). 

The Full Ballerina Mural

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