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Friday, March 30, 2018

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Rose gold is life...literally...I love this color.  Rose gold is also similar to a lighter shade of copper, so if you're having a hard time finding "rose gold" items, also search for copper. When I moved into the high-rise apartment last year, I had a unique kitchen color.  It was neither white or black. It was this tan-light-brownish color that I didn't know how to accent. It took me a little bit to decide on what kitchen accent color would work with it and I eventually decided on rose gold. There were several reasons I chose rose gold:
  • As most metals do, the color rose gold really catches the eye. Anytime, I see rose gold, I feel immediately drawn to it. It's a very rich and beautiful color.
  • It's basically a neutral that works well with any colors. I wanted to purchase kitchen accessories hat I could carry with me from one home to the next. 
My obsession with rose gold has spanned into many areas of my life from decor, to office supplies, jewelry....ha ha, but this post will focus on rose gold & copper accents for the kitchen. However, if you are interested in seeing everything rose gold that I currently obsessed with right now, follow my Rose Gold & Copper Pinterest Board

Martha Stewart Tea Kettle
The number of rose gold tea kettles available is endless...ENDLESS.  But how many tea kettles can one person have? I picked up my tea kettle at Home Goods, however, each Home Goods store tends to sell slightly different stuff, so I recommend finding your tea kettle online. 
These are the exact copper canisters that I purchased for my kitchen. This set by Old Dutch is actually $119.00, but it is currently on sale for $39.99 if you're an Amazon Prime member. I had been waiting forever for this price to go down, so when it finally hit $40.00, I jumped at the purchase!
Copper Measuring Cups

Copper Pitcher
Bodum Cream and Sugar Canisters
I love these unique cream and sugar canisters.  I love the copper rings and the clear glass. I don't own these, but I'm thinking about it. They would look great next to my rose gold french press!
Tea Pot
Rose Gold French Press
I don't actually drink coffee...well that's a lie. I drink coffee if it's a Starbucks Frappucino and they do the brewing work for me.  I only had my first latte ever last year. However, I still purchased a French Press because I love how nice it looked on my kitchen counter. Also if you have guests or other family members that DO drink coffee they can brew fancy french press style.
Banana Holder
Outside of buying a standard fruit bold, this banana hold will definitely up your fruit display game.  I believe they make banana holders that have a basket on the bottom if you're wanting to combine the two.

Mixing Bowl. If you love to bake, you need mixing bowls. You can purchase these individually or as a set!
Euro Napkin Holder
Pot Rack
I keep my pots under the kitchen counter, but if I lived in a home, where I was able to modify the kitchen or have some design input in the kitchen, I would soooo have a hanging pot rack. Not only would I feel like a super fancy chef...Chef Shasie, but it just looks nice. And I would hope that seeing my pots everyday would motivate me to actually cook! I would either purchase this overhead pot rack or this cookware stand:

Salt and Pepper Shakers
Countertop Lazy Susan
Copper Paper Towel Holder

There are plenty of copper/rose gold paper towel holders so it all depends on the colors of the rest of your rose gold kitchen items. I also found some of the towel holders are too wide for the width of paper towels that I purchase, and it looked weird, so having an appropriate sized paper towel holder, does make a difference. 

Caphalon Cook Set
Copper Tool Caddy
Copper Spoon Rest

Don't forget to visit my rose gold and copper board on pinterest!

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