Sunday, March 25, 2018

As I delve more and more into my love for all things home and decor, I love attending open houses and grand openings.  One of my favorite Houston PR Firms manages some of the brand new Alexan Communities in Houston.  You're already familiar with Alexan Downtown, as I've hosted several parties at their complex. You can read those recaps here and here. Recently, I attended the grand opening of Alexan City Centre.  This is probably my favorite one out of the 3. If I worked over in this area of the city, I would 100% lease at this complex. The layout is great, and it's near my favorite area of Houston: City Centre.  The grand opening was held on a Thursday night, so I was a little late getting there after work, but I still made it in time to enjoy yummy food, vibe to tunes and take a tour. 

Cyber Lounge - This is a very important space to me as a blogger, especially if I don't have a dedicated desk area in my apartment. Somewhere nice to sit upright, tap into free wi-fi and knock out some blog posts is always appreciated!
Theater Room

Okay, who wouldn't want to lease at a place where the leasing associates have this much fun!
One of my favorite amenities that the complex has was a private dining area! It was such a great space, and it came complete with a full kitchen with a viewing window, so you can still interact with your guests while prepping in the kitchen.

I also liked the booth seating areas in the common room. I felt like I was at a restaurant, but it would be my lounge. Just cute design ideas all around.
Pool Goals! Such an epic pool area!
In fact, ALL of the outside areas were amazing. I loved the two kitchen/lounge nook areas on either side of the pool. It gives you that great inside, but outside feel.  Even on a rainy day, you could still come down, be outside and have a party and not be rained on.  Alexan City Centre brought in the tasting room to cater the event, and I was TOTALLY ok with that!


NEST Thermostats in every unit


SOOO many amazing design and decor ideas from this complex.  I'll definitely be borrowing some of these ideas! If you live in the City Centre area and are looking for a great place to stay with a great staff, I highly recommend this apartment! 

For More Information on Alexan City Centre visit the following links:

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