Monday, February 19, 2018

I received a complimentary stay in exchange for an honest review. 
I continued to celebrate my birthday with a staycation at Hotel Alessandra the day after my party.  Hotel Alessandra, Houston's newest hotel, is located in the heart of the city at Green Street Houston. Green Street is one of my favorite multi-use areas in the city. I first got wind of Hotel Alessandra being built a few years ago when I attended an event at Green Street for a Blogger shopping party.  The area of the future hotel was already blocked off for construction.  Anytime I learn of a new hotel popping up, I have to stay there! If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know how much I love hotels and staycations.  I've stayed in more than a few hotels in Houston, but I have to say, Hotel Alessandra is probably one of the nicest hotels I've had the pleasure of visiting...ever.  

Since the Hotel is a few minutes from where I live, I decided to uber over.  The valet and concierge staff were super friendly! I know this may sound like a "duh, of course their friendly" moment, but I have stayed at many places where the welcoming staff is more than a bit rude.  As soon as you arrive at Hotel Alessandra, you know you're in for a treat.  Walking into the entry you're greeted by a grand staircase based with marble walls and gold handrails. It's a stunning view, and my photo below doesn't do it justice. You'll just have to stay here and see for yourself!

You can either walk up the staircase to get to the check-in desk, or take the elevators that are off to the right. The check-in associates were just as friendly as the valet and concierge staff. They took the time to tell me everything about the hotel: where to find the restaurants, amenities, and how to use the cool iPad in my room.  Hotel Alessandra is also energy conscience.  Power isn't turned on in the hotel rooms until someone occupies them. The first switch in the room stays on during your stay and powers everything in the room. This is a great idea by the hotel, considering they are located at Green Street!

Cool rug at the check-in desk.

Each room comes with a iPad that you can order room service from, submit a maintenance request, view the weather, and more.  It's awesome. I ordered my meal for the evening there.  You can put in special requests with your order.  The only recommendation I would say is for the room service associates to check the special requests and if they can't fulfill them, to call the room and let us know. I had a little bit of an issue with my grilled cheese, but it was quickly remedied!
Ok, the coolest thing about this hotel room is the folding doors between the bathtub and the bedroom. I've never seen a hotel room, or any room to bathroom transition like this! I love that you could soak in the tub and still view the living room, even watch TV from the tub.  And if you want privacy, you can just close the doors. 
The bathroom had a fancy standalone shower and separate toilet area with it's own door. I loved the dark marble backsplash in the bathroom.
Fancy Hotel Toiletries
I wasted no time getting into the hotel bathrobe and lounging around.

This pool looked soooo nice! Unfortunately it was super cool during my stay, so I didn't get to go in! I'll definitely have to come back.

Bardot is the name of the hotel's bar and lounge area. I loved the ambiance of this space.  The bar stools are unique along with the coverings on the lounge seats.  It's very evident this Hotel is inspired by the French. 

Lucienne is the restaurant at the hotel.  I love the hallway leading up to the restaurant with the window coverings showing scenes from France.  Immediately across from the window coverings, is a private dining room! I want to host a girls night out dinner in this dining room. It's so fancy!

Most hotels offer a hotel shuttle to take you to nearby places. And I've seen nice shuttles, even Mercedes-Benz shuttles, but this is the first hotel that I've stayed in where they offer to chauffer you around in a Maserati! Like seriously.  A person in my apartment complex owns a Maserati, and outside of just staring at it in awe, I never imagined that I'd ever get to ride in one.  I rode in the car twice and it was amazing!

Overall thoughts? The hotel is stunning, and you feel like you don't deserve to stay there because it's so nice! Ha!  It's the perfect hotel to celebrate a special occasion, whether it's a birthday, or a romantic staycation with your significant other. They even offer romance packages! My only complaint is that I only stayed one night!

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