5 Alternatives to Red for Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 11, 2018

No I don't hate the color red. I actually LOVE red, but it's the obvious, cliche choice for V-Day attire and decorations.  Why not change it up a bit?  I've put together this list of 5 color options that I think will also work for Valentine's day. Whether you're celebrating with friends, family or a significant other, these colors are sure to be a conversation starter!
Since Valentine's Day occurs in the Winter...at least for those of us in the United States, looking for darker hues is completely acceptable. I've always been a fan of berry and wine colors. I even love them in my lipstick shades.  Picking one of these colors will look elegant for date night, and still allows you to incorporate some red, since berries and wines are variations on reds and purples.  

While I don't follow the "no white after labor day"  rule, beige and off-white ARE pretty colors in their own right.  These shades will be great for any Galentine's day party or date night.

Pink is another popular color for Valentine's Day, but it hardly garners the attention that red commands. Step away from red with red's cousin: pink. After all pink is just mixtures of red and white.  The best part about pink? It comes in many shades, from hot pink to pastel. There's a shade of pink out there for every skin tone! 

Orange, like pink, has many lovely shades to choose from.  Old me, would have never thought of orange as an option for V-Day, but why not? Orange is fun vibrant color and will give off the impression that you love with a fun heart. Lighten up V-day with orange!

Ahh metallics work for any holiday.  They come in many shades from gunmetal to gold, and will jazz up any date night. I love metallics because I love sparkle!

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