34TH BIRTHDAY: Sky Lounge Game Night

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Well folks...it finally happened...I turned 34 earlier this month...meh...Now I know 34 isn't old, but one can't help but reminisce on their 20s as they continue the onward trek towards 40.  A lot of people don't think I'm 34, which is definitely comforting! This year for my birthday I hosted a game night in the sky lounge of my new high-rise apartment.  I tend to have big birthdays...whether it's by the sheer number of people that attend, or the amount of effort I put into the party, I'm typically worn out.  I didn't want to do my own party this year. I wanted to hire a party planner, but I've been spending so much money lately, that to save costs I planned it myself.  I definitely can't say enough for my friends and my boyfriend who helped me set-up, take down and manage some parts of the party during the party. I wouldn't have been able to do it without them. A special shout-out to my friends Harry and Ashley who actually arrive early in the day to help me set-up! It's because of them that I made it relatively on time to my own party.  

My high-rise apartment has been under construction for awhile...too long if you ask me and parts of it still aren't complete. I've been waiting forever for the lounge on the 26th floor to open so that I could host a party up there.  And even though the lounge wasn't 100% done, it was done enough for my party.  The great thing about hosting a party at your place of residence, whether it be your house or your apartment complex is the proximity to things that you need, and not having to travel anywhere when the party is over!  

This year I was able to have a party on my ACTUAL birthday, February 9th.  The last few years my birthday has fallen on a weeknight and I had to plan a get together on the weekend before or after which is always hard with the 9th, because the weekend before is Super Bowl Weekend and the weekend after is Valentine's Day. I also have several close friends with birthdays around mine, so it's always picky picking a day to celebrate!  

I LOVE themed party, so for my game night I went all out on the theme. I picked up bright color decorations and little games to put in everyone's goodie bags. I even bought pin the tail on the donkey, a pinata, and cornhole. I asked everyone to bring their favorite games from home, and of course I had a ton of food. Even though I spent some parts of the party making sure everything was going well, I still had a great time! I don't think I actually played a game though. I was too busy running around and socializing! My birthday cake was from Nothing Bundt Cake in the Confetti flavor....yummmmmyyyyy.  
My Confetti Cake from Nothing Bundt Cake

Selfie with Bae!


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