Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I know it's long overdue, but I'm finally ready to share my high-rise apartment with all of you.  I moved into my new place back in September, and there has been MANY rearrangements but I think I'm finally settled.  The biggest reason for the slow progress and multiple arrangements was due to the lack of space. I moved from a 975 sq ft apartment with an extra room (sun room) to a glorified studio apartment....Let's just say I had a ton of downsizing to do. I definitely think I'm a hoarder.  No one person should have as much stuff as I do. 

I wanted to start over with my decor, but that's easier said than done. I've had the same home decor for the last ten years, but what do I replace it with? I've grown to love a lot of home decor options over the years so picking one or two themes was very hard! I also had to be super creative with this space (or lack thereof) and find creative  storage solutions.  But alas, the moment has arrived to reveal my place.  There's only one part of my apartment that I'm not 100% happy with and that is the closet. I still need to figure out a closet system.  In all honesty, I have a pretty decent sized closet for a studio. It would definitely be enough room for a normal person...hahaha but I'm not normal, and just my 200+ pairs of shoes alone need space. But anyway, once I figure that out, I'll share those pics as well.  

When you first enter my apartment you're greeted by a plethora of doors...doors to the left and doors to the right. You have to trial and error to find the right door for the bathroom. I decided to break up this hall of doors by adding pictures in between the laundry door and the closet doors.   I created the blue pictures myself at Pop Shop America's Sun Print DIY Workshop last year.  They were super fun to make, and the perfect size to frame and fit on that little wall space.  On the other side of the dual closet doors I hung some Marquee Letters. I picked ones that represent me: S for Shalanda, # and @ for the life of a blogger using handles and hashtags!

Across the hall from the sun prints, I created a mini gallery wall to go around the thermostat.  I can't  tell you how I put together the items on my gallery walls, because it's mostly random. I will say that I try, for the most part, to stick to a color scheme, but that's the only guideline I follow.  Most of the time I fill a gallery wall, by discovering small items while out and about and think, "I'll add this to a gallery wall!". Very scientific, I know! 
Home Sweet Home Signs // Project 62 Wall Clock // Threshold Shelves // Project 62 Succulent
3-Tier Console Table (Container Store) // White Desktop Mail Sorter (Similar)

I purchased a Threshold 5-shelf pack from Target and installed the shelves around the apartment.  It's actually harder than it looks to install these shelves because you have to locate studs and avoid electrical. It's best to invest in a stud finder that can also detect power.  Having one of those was very helpful when it came to hanging items.  The console table I picked up from The Container Store. Even though I downsized quite a bit I still have a lot of stuff. I like to place things that I need to grab in the morning by the exit.  Living with cats, it's essential to have a lint roller, and with this up and down weather, I like to store my winter accessories nearby. 

The little silt succulents, I picked up at the dollar store, and the 5 x 7 motivational cards came in a pack of 5 for a low price at Target. The mini clipboard was holding a 2017 calendar, that obviously expired, but instead of throwing the whole thing away, I replaced the calendar with the good vibes card. I received the metal cup from a blogger party and I picked up the follow your dreams bottle at Palais Royal. I told you, I randomly find things for gallery walls!  

For me, the bathroom, was one of the easier spaces to decorate. Right before I moved I started getting into weekly bubble baths to help with my anxiety. I decided that I wanted my new bathroom to feel like a zen spa. I know palm trees, and other foliage aren't necessarily associated with spas, but it does make me think of a relaxing island/tropical get away, which is also peaceful. I knew right away that I wanted to have a fancy bin to hold rolled up hand towels, like I see in fancy hotel and restaurant bathrooms.  The palm leaf illustrations I purchased from RongRong Devoe Illustrations. She is super talented and based right here in Houston. They were the perfect addition to my relaxing spa atmosphere. When it came to the bathroom accessories, I picked out items that could work in any bathroom, regardless of the color. 
Palm Leaf Illustrations // Succulent Wall Hanger // Leaves in Succulent Hanger // Mirrors: Target Dollar Spot Section
Nate Berkus Gold Bathroom Mirror // Palm Leaf Illustrations // Bathroom Towels
Palm Bush - Hobby Lobby // Tissue Container // Shower Curtain // Toothbrush Holder
Soap Dish // Magazine Rack (Similar)

4-Tier Tower (Container Store) // Vanity Organizer // Taylor Bathroom Scale (Similar)

My bedroom was  the last room (outside of my close) to transition to a space that I loved. Up until a week ago, I had the bed facing another direction. I had it facing the sliding door to the living room so that I could face the city. However, the Feng Shui of the room just wasn't there. I had issues getting around to the other side of the bed and I couldn't fully open the dresser drawers. I decided to change the bed around and give up the direct city view and everything fell into place. Even better? I still have a city view with this new setup.  The masterpiece in this room is the gallery wall.  I wanted a wall that really represented me and I had the right items to do it.  From gifted illustrations to Zang Toi x Papyrus cards, everything on this wall represents me.  The wall behind the bed is great because I don't have a head board. 

Having a 4-shelf side table is amazing. I can fit everything I need, when in bed, right next to me. Before, I would struggle with all the items on one shelf, and constantly knocked things over (including drinks).  The second photo shoes that I still have a city view!

As soon as I saw the color of the backsplash in my kitchen, I knew I wanted to do rose gold and copper accessories. The color of my kitchen is unique. Most kitchens are either white or dark, but this was something in between with it's light brown color and off-white backsplash. I tried to think of a good neutral color for this space and immediately rose gold popped in my head.  Ever since, I've been on a mission to collect as many rose gold kitchen items as I can find.  I bought stuff I'll probably never use, like the French press and the coffee bean spoon! Ha, but if its rose gold or copper and related to the kitchen, I had to have it! My place is currently decorated for Valentine's day, so you'll see some red and pink items around the kitchen.

I spy a cat!

Before I moved, I trashed a 4-seater dining room table. I decided to give up having a dining table in my new space. 1. Because I didn't have the room for it, and 2. I hardly utilized the dining room table. However, I had this cute idea to have a little bistro table placed right in front of the window. I liked the idea of being able to sit at that table with my laptop or hot chocolate and stare outside. I love my little table that I picked up on Wayfair.com. It also has a shelf underneath where I store my cookbooks. 

When I made the decision to move, I though I was going to purchase a new couch. However, I decided to save money and keep the couch that I currently have.  I love my couch, don't get me wrong, but I've had it for over 10 years, which is actually a pretty long time for a couch! I'm just ready for something new, but in the interim I'll still make it work. My couch is tan, so I stayed with neutral colors to match it: white, dark brown, and black.  The 8 cube storage unit was my solution to the ugly plastic sterilite containers I was using to store office, craft and other miscellaneous items. This cubby hole looks a lot better than those plastic containers. 

Table Wall Clock


I've always wanted a huge leaning mirror. It's perfect for a fashionista who needs to see all angles of her outfit and take the occasional #OOTD pic. I picked up this beautiful mirror for less than $50.00 at Marshall's! Can you believe it? I was shocked, but I definitely left the store with it! I also purchased a side table litter box. It's a great way to hide a litter box. A lot of people don't realize what it is. They assume it's just a little cat home, but it does store their litter box. 
I actually took the idea of using baskets to store blankets from my friends Zack and Emilie. They had a crate next to their fireplace that they used to store throws, and I thought that was a great idea. It adds another cute decor item and keeps the throws from looking messy on the couch. 

Because I don't have a lot of space in my bedroom, I had to move one of my dressers out into the kitchen/living space.  Ironically, it seems to blend in and a lot of people don't notice that it's a dresser until they see me going into it to pull out some clothes.  I've had the bar cart for awhile. I picked it up from Target a long time ago (on sale!).  I found the cute "bar signs" in the dollar section at target. They were originally designed to stand upright, but I converted them to hanging signs with simple wall putty. 

Marble Bar Cart (Similar) // Vinglace Wine Chiller (c/o Vinglace)
Absolut Copper Bar Set (c/o Absolut)

Well folks, that's all she wrote! Hahaha, just kidding, but that is all of he photos I have of my space. Again, once I figure out my closet I will share that with you as well! Let me know how you decorate or re-decorate your spaces in the comments below or on social media. 

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  1. Shas! I love this blog post. It's filled with wonderful photos, details, and creativity you put into it surely shows! I love it, the color scheme, the motivational phrases, cohesive décor and oh so fashion-ness to it truly shows your personality and style. Kuddos for fitting everything in it, ironically when you de-clutter -- it's a massive undertaking!! Great job, keep it up.

    1. Thanks Leen! This comment means a lot! It took forever to get my place to this point! I had to do a little bit each day. I'm truly in love with my space now!!!

  2. I love your new apartment. It looks so chic. I especially love the rose-gold kitchen.

    1. Thanks girlie! The rose gold accents are some of my favorite parts as well! It's one of my favorite colors!

  3. I love it!!! I'm obsessed with word art and you've made me feel like I'm cool now vs. rocking a strange style I often make fun of myself for having ..."dorm room chic" is what I call it LOL. Really like those copper pots, too and of course, kitty photo bomb. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Of course girl! I'm so glad my space can inspire you! Never feel bad for being yourself and decorating how you want to decorate. After all other people are just visiting, but you have to live there. Why not decorate it the way that makes you happy!

  4. Shasie!!! I'm obsessed. It looks so great. My favorite is all the palm frond, monstera leaf, and terrarium decor in your bathroom. That's definitely my favorite room. But your whole place looks so perfect, stylish, and cozy. I even spy a few Pop Shop items!!

    1. I'm so glad you know what those items are called! I had no idea what to call it but now I do! Teehee. The bathroom was the first part of my apartment that was done! I definitely love that space! I definitely had to have Pop Shop represented in my home! It's become a big part of my lifestyle!

  5. Shasie!!! I'm obsessed. It looks so great. My favorite is all the palm frond, monstera leaf, and terrarium decor in your bathroom. That's definitely my favorite room. But your whole place looks so perfect, stylish, and cozy. I even spy a few Pop Shop items!!


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