2017 Year End Review: The good, the bad...

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...famous words written by Charles Dickens as the opening for A Tale of Two Cities, greatly describes 2017 for me. I had some of the best experiences last year, and some of the worst.  Overall, I'm pretty happy to put 2017 behind me and looking forward to what 2018 has in store.  Here's a quick recap of my 2017 blog life:


The Super Bowl came to Houston. Having the Super Bowl in our city, was an AMAZING experience and a great way to kick off the new year. I was really into the hype of the world watching our city, and I even hosted a play-off game party at SkyHouse River Oaks before the big game. I took vacation days to enjoy all there was to offer the week before the Super Bowl. There were a ton of parties, celebrities and athletes everywhere, and crazy Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots fans. Almost every location in Houston was hosting a Super Bowl themed event and it will definitely be an experience that I'll never forget. My two favorite events that I attended was as a VIP guests at the Bruno Mars concert c/o of LIFEWTR and the Bulls & Blackjack Celebrity Poker Match that my awesome friend Tabitha invited me too! I was invited to several fashion pop-ups and installations around town! Check out all of my Super Bowl coverage.

I attended Comicpalooza for the 4th time.  All of my friends know that I'm a big nerd. In addition to having a love of fashion, I have a love of superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. I even have a nerdy blog (that I'm not that great with keeping up with...but I'm getting better) to showcase my love of all things nerdy.  You can also follow my nerdy instagram account at @shasiesnerdyworld.  Anyhoo, back to Comicpalooza.  Comicpalooza is Houston's version of San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC and the hardest show to attend ever!!!). I love Comicpalooza because they still bring in big names, and it's as easy as buying a ticket to attend.  During this installment, I met Anthony Mackie, Chuck Norris, and sat in on the Defenders panel. I also had  a lot of fun taking pictures of guests in cosplay!


I was honored to be one of 16 girls chosen from 50 to participate in a fashion panel focus group based here in Houston.  We were contracted to participated in 3 paid sessions to work with a brand. To date, we've completed two of these sessions. And while I loved being able to work with this brand, my favorite part about participating on this panel was meeting 15 amazing girls! We all became close and created a group to stay in touch in between sessions called The Sweet 16!  Our last session occurs in February 2018, and I'm actually pretty sad that there will be no more sessions after that!

I love hosting parties. Honestly, if I could host a party once a month, I would do it! One of my favorite parties that I hosted this year was for my blogger gal pals at the townhouse suite at Hotel Sorella! I collected valentine's decorations from everywhere and changed the space into a Valentine's Day wonderland! I also had so many friends participate in the party: Alicia did bra-fittings for the girls, Brittany Bly with Pop Shop America hosted a DIY, Leena Vuor did photography, Michelle Heath provided us with a yummy cocktail, Beth DeLozier gave us amazing decor items, and Moonsun provided makeup!! 

My good blogger friend Jillian Goltzman invited me to be her plus-one at a blogger sleepover hosted by Hotel Ylem. I love Hotel Ylem! It's a super cute boutique hotel that is run by a family that loves to give back. Almost every part of the hotel in some part gives backs to charities and supports local designers and brands.  At the time of this staycation, they were still finishing some parts of the hotel, and we were able to see a preview of the hotel before it was 100% complete. They planned an amazing night for us! You can read all about it here. 

I LOVE CARS and I was able to participate this year in a blogger campaign to cover the Houston Auto Show. As a media blogger for the event we were able to attend the preview night gala the day before the show opened up to the public.  Preview night was awesome! I snapped selfies with some awesome cars, and check out some of the cool car drive demonstrations. My favorite test drive was with the jeep and the trucks going over super tall and bumpy obstacles. 

I collaborated with fellow blogger gal pal Chimee Ahaiwe to host a pamper party at District Memorial.  It was a day for girls to come out and be pampered! It was a fantastic event and I'm so happy that Chimee asked me to co-host with her!

I was invited by Erin, creator and founder of Ms. Independent Group to be one o 4 featured flatlay designers for her Unicorn-themed Girls Night Out party! Erin did such an amazing job putting together this event, and I was super flattered to be invited to participate!

Hotel Valencia Riverwalk and Visit San Antonio invited several bloggers to come experience their hotel, and some cool excursions in the city of San Antonio.  I invited my friend Evelyn to go on the trip with me!  I fell in love with Hotel Valencia. I've always been a fan of San Antonio because it's so serene with the River Walk.  We also visited Sea World, and a safari!

I planned and hosted one of my best friend's Bachelorette parties! Heather Petrey, now Heather Garcia got married earlier this year and asked me to be her Maid of Honor. Due to personal circumstances I was unable to attend her wedding, but I did throw her a fun Bachelorette party when she was in town the week before her wedding!  I booked us a fun staycation at the Royal Sonesta, dinner at Toulouse and an after part at Pop Shop America! 

I participated in my first mindful triathlon courtesy of D. Stil water bottles. I can't say I'm a huge yoga person, but I was definitely interested in this event.  I never heard of Wanderlust before this event, and I'm so glad to know about it now! 

Near the end of the year I was invited to appear on Morning Dose to do a Hostess with the Mostess segment with Maggie Flecknoe. I love appearing on TV! I always have a ton of fun! You can watch the segment here. 

The creators of Free Press Summer Fest brought their 2nd installment of Day for Night Music Festival in December.  Toyota, as a headline sponsor for the event invited me to attend the Festival, provided me with a car for a week and a 3-night stay at Hilton Americas.  I had such a blast covering this festival. Some pretty well-known acts were there from Nine Inch Nails, Cardi B, Solange, and En Vogue to a lot of up and coming acts. 

I call this my 4th Annual Christmas party, but honestly I can't remember if it's the 3rd or 4th...lol.  This year I hosted my party at Alexan Downtown and invited my blogger friends and my co-workers and personal friends.  Alexan was awesome and sponsored a dessert bar for us from Poppin Party that rivaled a wedding reception display. It was amazing!

I also had a few features this year:
Visit Houston 2017 Holiday Gift Guide
Some people would choose to only focus on the positives of 2017, but I don't think a person can grow without reflecting on EVERYTHING that has occurred in their life. The first thing that happened this year was one of my best friends, Liz had a brain aneurysm a few months after having her first child with her husband Sean. Liz is 31, now 32 as she survived her brain aneurysm and was able to celebrate another birthday.  This may sound a bit dramatic, but emotionally and mentally my world changed after her aneurysm.  I spent a lot of time at the hospital visiting Liz, her family and her husband. I couldn't believe that a friend of mine, who was so young and healthy and a new mom would have to go through something like this. I didn't and still don't understand.  

On the heals of coming to grip of what happened to Liz, a college friend of mine passed away in a drowning incident. He was younger than me, and expecting a 5th child with his wife. He was a football coach and a strong Christian...again....I still don't understand.  I had several co-workers also pass away this year, one in a motorcycle accident, and another as a result of cancer treatments.  I was stressed beyond belief this year trying to find a place to live. There was a gap of time where I did't know where I was going to live because of drama at a new apartment complex not being ready in time, but luckily I have amazing friends in the area who took me in for 2 months.  I also made a horrible dating choice earlier this year that left me heartbroken for months, and then all of Houston and the east coast of Texas had to deal with Hurricane Harvey.  Sooooooo needless to say, 2017 was definitely an up and down year for me!

But like everything in life there are seasons of good and seasons of bad.  Going through the storms can help you better appreciate the peace and calm when they arrive. The end of 2017 turned back into a great year.  I finally moved into my high-rise apartment and I met someone and I'm now in a relationship. Moving downtown has really helped improve my mood. I've always been a city girl, and living in the suburbs was stunting my spirit. And my boyfriend has made me so happy! He's a true gentlemen. So who knows what's in store for 2018, but I hope it's a great one for you and I! 

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