Art at Discovery Green

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

I love Arts Festivals, and now that I live downtown, I'm discovering more and more fun things to do in the city. This past weekend, Art at Discovery Green took place and we decided to stop by! The last time I had been to Discovery Green was to preview The Color Condition's Art Installation before Hurricane Harvey. I was curious to see how that installation faired after the storm.  A lot of it was still intact, but The Color Condition added some additional installations around the park, including this Houston Strong exhibit (pictured above). 

The art show was from 10am - 5pm, and we arrived around midday.  We first viewed a serious art car.  I'm not sure an ounce of this car wasn't covered! It was pretty cool though! We walked around all of the art booths and then crossed the street to enjoy some live music at George R. Brown. At George R. Brown we ran into my some of my other friends, and visited with them for awhile before heading back home. Check out my pictures from the show below: 

I liked the design in this bar counter! It says Cold Beer in bottle caps.

They also made a boot with a spur in the countertop as well!

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