Is It Too Early To Talk Stocking Stuffers?

Monday, November 06, 2017

As all of you know by now, I've been diligently working to decorate and furnish my new high-rise apartment.  To do this, I've been visiting a few stores to find creative ways to furnish my small place. One of my favorite stores to visit is The Container Store! I love the Container Store, and for awhile, there was just ONE in Houston, but a new one recently opened up near my job.  During my last visit to The Container Store they were setting up their Stocking Stuffed section.....

When you think of stocking stuffers you probably think about gifts for other people, right? OK, so true...stocking stuffer items are great gifts for friends and family during the Holiday season, however while I was perusing, I found a lot of items that I liked for myself! Teehee. And who says you can't have the same things that you buy for your friends? Below is my list of favorites from The Container Store's Stocking Stuffer stash. For the full list of items, visit their site!

1. Karaoke Bluetoooth Microphone $39.99 ///2. Electronics Cleaner Brush $4.99
3. Glammer Hammer $19.99 // 4. Angry Mama Microwave Timer $9.99
5. Lazy Bed Glasses $9.99 // 6. Pasta Timer $19.99 // 7. Starfish Drain Cover $4.99

1. Jewelry Pyramids $9.99 - $14.99 // 2. Egg Timer $19.99 // 3. 3-in-1 Clip Lens for Cell Phone $7.99
4. Couchlet USB Outlet Extender $14.99 // 5. USB Desk Fan $9.99 // 6. Savy Deodorant Wipes $9.99

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  1. These are great stocking stuffers. I have several of these items already.


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