Bouquet 101 and a Luxury Home

Friday, November 24, 2017

Last week I attended a fun open house at a luxury home in the Woodland Heights area. The home is located at 942 Highland Street and is on the market for a cool $1.4 M! If only I had that much to purchase this home because it was so beautiful.  Back to the open house, Circa Real Estate invited myself and several other bloggers to come and tour the house and participate in a Bouquet making workshop taught by Gaye Johnson.  Gaye Johnson is an award-winning florist that owns a floral and home decor shop in the heights, called Gaye Johnson's in the heights. 

Gaye Johnson, our workshop instructor for the evening.
I admit that I have a brown thumb when it comes to living plants. I tend to stock my home with silt flowers because they can't die on me. I also have pets, so I stay away from plants that may be poisonous to my cats. However, I was super excited to attend this workshop to learn some tips and tricks to making a bouquet.  I think gifting a floral arrangement that you put together yourself would be a great present for someone! Gaye taught us so much! I never realized so much went into creating the perfect bouquet!

First tip was fill your vases with water leaving about 2" of space from the top.
The first part that you add to your floral arrangement is greenery. They will act as the sub-base for the flowers.
For our arrangement we were working with hydrangeas, lillies, and roses. The hydrangeas went in first.  Gaye's tips for hydrangeas were to cut off a lot of the excess leaves along the stem, leaving just 2 or 3 at the top. She also taught us the proper way to cut the stem, on an angle using a knife instead of scissors.
I invited Leena from Explore and Adore with Leena to come and create a bouquet as well. Here she is hard at work installing the lilies.
My bouquet with the lilies installed. Gaye told us if the lilies are able to be opened (because some of them were still in their bud shape), we should reach inside and pull out the dark stamens. The stamens when the lily is in full bloom becomes fuzzy and it has a dye attached to it that is hard to get out of clothes. Removing the stamen before the flower is in full bloom eliminates fuzzies falling on tables and getting dye everywhere. 
Gaye's Floral Arrangement

The last step was installing the roses. If you're doing your own floral arrangement, roses come with protection petals that you should pull off before installing the roses. They identifiable because they have a cut/line down the middle of the petal. Gaye also taught us how to flip the petals to have the roses fully open. She also taught us the natural way to have the roses open on their own by using drips of water. 

Here is my final arrangement!

After the bouquet making glass, Leena and I explored the house. The Architect designed a beautiful home. I loved the layout of the home. It was a little maze! You could definitely get lost in the house! There were some decor items throughout the house that were provided by Reveal Home Staging, another local Houston business.

For more information on 942 Highland Street, please contact Circa Real Estate Agent Mary Wassef.

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