Monday, October 30, 2017

Earlier this week I was invited to my first "Home" event.  Ever since I started looking for a new place to live, I become even more obsessed with all things interior design and home architecture. I've always been a fan of HGTV, but now I watch it MORE than ever.  Also moving into a new place is excited because you have the chance to change up your style.  I'm 33, and can positively say without a doubt that my styling tastes have changed over the years. I love to see model homes and model apartments for inspiration on how to style some of my own living spaces, so the event on Monday was the perfect fit!

Carnegie Custom Homes in partnership with a local PR Firm, invited myself and several other bloggers and influencers to tour one of their new homes in Midtown.  The event was more than just a home tour, it was a full on event! We had learning sessions on ways to improve our homes from hearing from a Feng Shui guru, to learning about home automation! But of course we DID get to roam this AMAZING house in Midtown.  The location is full of Texas history and the decor inside this particular home was inspired by a huge tree that will be the focal point of all the houses in this lot.  As I've gotten older, I realize less is more, and the styling in these rooms was modern, minimal, but still inviting because it wasn't cluttered!

This house has great curb appeal.  I personally would have some shades or blinds up, but since no one is living here at the moment, this open to the outside feel is perfectly acceptable. 
Even the front lawn has some gorgeous greens and flowers. Can't wait to see what this looks like when that tree gets bigger!

Quaint but cute front porch.

Awesome stairwell with lots of windows for natural light

After hearing from the one of the owners at Carnegie Properties, we were split into two groups. My group started off with the Feng Shui Session with Trish Keel.  I've always heard the term Feng Shui and I use it random conversations when I talk about how cluttered my desk is or my living space, but I've never really researched ways to actually achieve a Feng Shui home.  Sitting in Trish's Session was really informative. You may not be able to do ALL of the tips, but there are some small things you can do to make a change at home. 

Trish Keel from Owner of Tomorrow's Key Feng Shui and Energy Services gave us a quick talk on 12 steps to improve our Feng Shui around our homes!

After our Feng Shui session with Trish we headed upstairs to meet with Meredith of Sorted and Style, a personal organizing professional. GOD knows I needed to hear tips from Meredith. Moving into a smaller apartment has caused me to be super creative with my storage and organization ideas!

The hanger trick.  When it comes to clearing out clothes that you never wear, start off by putting all of your clothes hanger in one direction in your closet. As you wear items turn the hangars around. After so much time, 6 months or even year review your closet and pull out the items that you haven't touched. More than likely if you haven't worn it in a year, you don't need it!

The reversing every other shoe trick, is one that I've personally been doing for years! You can always fit an extra pair of shoes if you store your shoes this way!
This is definitely a trick that I need to do. I have a bunch of handbags, and my new closet doors are too tall for the hanging purse hooks that I used to use, so now I have to store my handbags on a shelf...well the extremely floppy ones don't sit upright very well, so stuffing them with butcher's paper is a great way to keep their shape and help them sit upright.
Meredith also showed us a great way to store our socks so that they are FLAT instead of in a ball. I always just fold my socks into balls, and then quickly run out of room in my sock drawer. This will definitely be a space saver for me!
She also gave us a great folding trick for our T-shirts, and introduced me to shelf dividers. I've installed a few shelf dividers since this session and it's been SOOOOO helpful!
Meredith's last tip for us was on mail sorting. This is also one of the things that I'm very bad at. I let my mail pile up...I just really hate mail. Like with a passion. However, it's important to go THROUGH your mail even if you hate it. She gave us a great way to sort and organize our mail. I definitely plan on consulting Meredith for tips on my new space! I need all the tips I can for organizing my small apartment. 

Once both groups went through the Feng Shui and Organization settings we all rejoined and went downstairs and heard from 2 more demonstrations. One was demonstrating a new counter top material and the other chatted with us about Digital Automation for homes and apartments. 

The last part of the evening was announcing the winners of the giveaways. I won a bluetooth speaker!

I had such a great time touring this home, in one of Houston's historic areas. These homes start at $800K...one can dream right? I can't wait to share more home and decor posts with you on the blog! Let me know what you think about this post in the comments!

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