WHAT I WORE: Fringe Bikini

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Now that it's practically Fall, I guess it's the perfect time to share this bathing suit post...lol. Ok, I'm definitely behind on the blog. A lot has been going on in my life with friends being sick, stressful moving situations and then Harvey...It's been hard to find motivation to blog, but blogging has always been a great outlet for me in stressful situations, so I'm back at it. 

The lovely team at Charisma's Boutique was kind enough to send over this gorgeous bathing suit for me to wear. As a plus-size gal, I tend to stay away from 2-piece bikinis. It's not that I don't think plus-size girls shouldn't wear them, I just don't think they flatter my particular body-shape, and I always feel self-conscious in them. I typically stick with tank-inis or one-pieces. However, this suit from Charisma's Boutique was the perfect design for me to wear a bikini and feel covered-up at the same time.  

As you can see, the suit has some really cool fringe pieces that fall over the stomach, but the back is just a strap.  I don't really care about my back so much as my stomach so this covered a self-conscious area of mine!

I also never thought I'd be a girl to take bikini photos and post them online, nor on a blog! Shoutout to Leena Vuor at Explore and Adore with Leena for taking these amazing photos of me! She's such a talented photographer! If you're in the Texas area, definitely check her out and book a shoot with her!

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