Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Earlier this year I was one of 16 ladies chosen to participate in a 3-Part Fashion Panel for a brand. Details of the panel and the brand remain confidential, but I CAN tell you about the 15 ladies I met and how all of us became fast friends.  Part one of the Fashion Panel kicked off earlier this year with dinner at Hotel Derek.  One of the panelists and I  had been following each other for years having met on IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers), but this was our first time meeting in person! Berty Morales of Mad For Fashion For Less, lives in Dallas which is only 4 hours from Houston, but took about 7 years for us and a chance panelist meeting to finally meet! It was great to finally meet her in person! We of course had to document the meeting with several pictures! Another one of the panelists, Shay Cauley-Sweeney of Shay Mone, I've known for a few years now because she was a member of my old organization, Houston Fashion Bloggers. Shay and I were the only panelists from Houston, so it was really cool getting to know other fashion enthusiasts from across the country.

Berty and I at Hotel Derek for Dinner (Night One)
Cool Van/Bus that we were chauffered around the city in on day 1 of the Fashion Panel
Ready for Night 2 Dinner at Hotel Derek
Table for 20? Don't mind if I do! Hahaha
Can't go wrong with ordering fried chicken for dinner, and this cornbread was yummy!
Lots of dessert options!
For the last day of the panel all of us got together to take some photos! Left photo: Holly and Kim. Right Photo: Lauren.

This girl right here is like my spirit animal! Diane is sooo full of energy and joy. It's impossible to be in a bad mood around this girl!
Lauren and Diane going for the creative OOTD shot.
Drea, Myself and Holly. Myself with Tish!

Shay, Tish, Heather, Hillary, Catherine, Leslie
Different angle
Diane, Lauren, and Holly
Drea, Berty, Kim, Hillary, and Tish
Holly, Heather, Kim, & Pat
All of us connected so well that we created an instagram group to stay in touch in between sessions! It's been such a great group because all of us are just willing to help each other grow, and it's great to be able to check in on everyone.  The girls were really great to Shay and I during Harvey, and now we return the favor for our friend Drea in Miami! Our second session is in October back here in Houston. It was supposed to be the end of this month, but it was pushed back due to Harvey. I'm sad that now I have to wait another month to see these girls, but in the meantime, we'll keep up our online chats!

Holly, Heather, Pat, Jennifer, Tish, Hillary, Catherine, Me, Lauren, Karen, Diane
Berty, Kim, Shay, Leslie, & Drea

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  1. Aww! I love this post Shasie! Can't wait for us all to meet up again soon!



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