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As a self-proclaimed social butterfly, I love hosting parties and events. Whether it's an official gathering planned months in advance or a last minute call to friends to come over and chill, I'm typically down for whatever.  When I'm planning a official party like for my birthday or my annual Christmas movie night, I like to give my guests as much advanced notice as possible.

HOSTING TIP 1: The earlier you let your guests know the date of your party, the better your RSVP responses will be!

I'm currently planning a housewarming party for my new apartment. If you've been following me on social media, you know that I've been searching for a new apartment in the city since January.  There has been a ton of drama in regards to my apartment search (which I plan to blog about later), but suffice it to say that 9 MONTHS LATER, I'm finally moving into my new place.  I'm going to allocate about a month after I move in to get my place in order, but I want to send out my Save the Dates now. I use online websites to send out most of my invitations. One of my favorite sites is Paperless Post! I first discovered paperless post, when I received one from someone else for a party they were hosting.  And while I love the personal touch of a paper invitation, I thought it was pretty convenient to have an online invitation that I could easily refer to when I'm out and about. I liked the concept so much that I started using online invitations for my parties as well. Using Paperless Post is super easy! They have a bunch of designs for multiple occasions and you can further customize your choices:

Since I want to host an "apartment" warming party I did a search on the site for housewarming invitations.  In addition to their own design options, Paperless Post has partnered with some people and design houses that have a great eye: Jonathan Adler, Kate Spade, Kelly Wearstler and Derek Blasberg! Here are some of their designs for housewarming parties, including one by The New Yorker:
1. Kelly Wearstler 2. Kate Spade New York 3. The New Yorker
4. Jonathan Adler 5. Crate & Barrel 
After an extensive search I decided on the below invite, by Derek Blasberg.  The color is a little bit more calm than I would normally choose, but I couldn't say no to the message! I'm moving into a smaller apartment in a luxury high rise so the wording was perfect.  This was the base design, but I modified it to fit the details of my party. Paperless Post also makes it easy to track RSVPs and any questions that your guests may have for you via the website. And if you're just a stickler for paper invitations, you can purchase printed invitation options on most of the invites!
This is the blank version of this template design, but I of course went ahead and customized it for my needs.
I was able to pick the envelope color, change the background, and change the text and colors of the texts. There's a ton of options to customize the designs, so you'll definitely have fun. 
HOSTING TIP 2: Provide as much information about your party as you can.
I also like to provide as much information as possible for my guests. Information such as parking, if they need to bring anything, if they can bring a guests, etc. Paperless Post gives you an option to add additional information for your guests and ask additional questions! I like to let my guests know what I plan to serve, and an overall idea of the evening. Sometimes I have themed parties so I like to tell them if there's a dress code or not...The more information that you can give to your guests the more they can prepare. 

HOSTING TIP 3: Allow yourself enough time to prepare and set-up
If you're hosting a party at your house, don't wait until the last minute to prepare your house for the party. It's already stressful being a hostess, and dealing with a time crunch is an unnecessary adder. I try to clean, etc the day before, and then give myself a hour to 2 hours before the party to set-up and get dressed. Sometimes I run a little late even with planning, but such is life.

HOSTING TIP 4: Eliminate leftovers by providing goodie bags
I tend to be a hostess who likes to err on the side of having too much food versus not enough.  However, at the end of a party, I'm then left with a bunch of food that I don't need to consume all by myself over the days to come. Having goodie bags ready for your guests to take home some of the food is the best way I've found to eliminate leftovers.

HOSTING TIP 5: Enjoy the Party
And lastly, have a good time. Sometimes as the hostess or host you're so caught up with making sure everything is perfect and that everyone is having a good time, that you forget to enjoy your own party! Take a minute to mingle with your guests and enjoy the vibe!

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