#HeatherTheBachelorette Part 2: Dinner at Toulouse

Monday, July 17, 2017

Part 2 of Heather's Bachelorette party was having dinner at one of her restaurant choices. I went with Toulouse Cafe & Bar in River Oaks District. I had never eaten at Toulouse and turns out neither had Heather. It was on her list of restaurants to try, so it was fun trying out a new place as a group. I arrived about an hour before the guests did to set-up.  As mentioned in the previous post, Heather's theme for her wedding was southwestern inspired, so I did my best to come up with decor and goodie bag items to match this theme! I can't even break down where I found all this stuff, because I found it EVERYWHERE. From online, to craft stores, to randomly seeing stuff when I was out and about. I just fell in love with how it all came together, and hoped that Heather would love it too!

Hosting dinner at Toulouse was a breeze. I called a month or two ahead of time and booked the reservation. When I showed up they had our table all ready for us. I just had to decorate. The waitstaff even helped me put up the decor. They also really loved the decor and took pictures!


I had printed out a couple of cute bridal shower games that we played throughout the dinner. They were theme liked: "Who Said it First?", "Match The Love Song to the Movie" and "What's in Her Purse?". I had a bag full of gifts for the winners.

How gorgeous is Heather's party outfit? She looks stunning!

I couldn't help myself. When I saw these Team Bride placards, I had to buy them!

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