#HeatherTheBachelorette Part 1: Royal Sonesta Staycation

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I had the pleasure of being Heather's Maid of Honor for her bachelorette party, and I had a great time planning out the festivities for her night out in Houston. For those of you that don't know my good friend heather, she's a blogger at LA Fashion Snob, and recently moved to Arizona! Waaahhh I miss her! I was unable to attend the actual wedding due to personal reasons, so I wanted to make up for missing the wedding by giving Heather a bachelorette party that she would love.

I think people tend to default to wild, crazy and sometimes UNNECESSARY antics when it comes to planning a bachelor or bachelorette party because it's cliche.  But it's important to know what the bride and groom want for their special night out. It's not the time to be cliche or make the party about you. This was my second time planning a bachelorette party and it was just as fun as the first! As soon as Heather told me she wanted to come back to Houston for her party, I started planning! The first thing I did was organize the guest list and sent out a Save The Date via FB. I chatted with Heather about things she may like to do and went to work. Heather doesn't drink, nor did she want "strippers" or inappropriate toys, etc. so I started thinking about other ways to make this night special! 

Immediately I decided that she had to stay somewhere special for her night out! I reached out to my PR contacts and was able to arrange a fabulous one-night staycation at the Royal Sonesta Houston! I've been to the Royal Sonesta before for several events, but I've never stayed there! Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE hotels. If I could live in a hotel...I would! I told Heather that she would need to pack an overnight bag because we were staying at a Hotel in Houston.

The Royal Sonesta was nice enough to give us a complimentary room on the Concierge Level floor that came complete with a Concierge Lounge stocked with drinks, lounge chairs, TVs, and epic views of Houston.

View from our hotel room
Double bed room on the Concierge Lounge

I love hotels that think of everything, just in case you forgot your bath gel, conditioner, or shampoo there's always some readily available.
And a loofah mitt!
While Heather was out of the room I set out all of the gift items I had been collecting for her over the last couple of months. Heather loves all things Route 66 and Cacti. She even had a southwest themed wedding, so basically I couldn't stop myself from grabbing all things Cacti/Route 66/Wedding Themed for her! I made up a cute display of the items on her bed. 

The hotel also sent up a cheese tray with wine! It doesn't get any better than this!
The next day we had breakfast at the hotel's restaurant called ARA. The cool thing about being on the Concierge Level is that you get free breakfast! During the weekdays, they serve breakfast in the Concierge Lounge, but on the weekdays, they comp your meal for the restaurant downstairs!

After breakfast, Heather and I went on a tour of the hotel to check it out!
I loved the lighting fixtures!
There was this really awesome coffeehouse there called PJ's. Apparently this Royal Sonesta chain started in New Orleans?

Website: Royal Sonesta
Twitter: @RoyalSonestaHou

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