EXPLORE SAN ANTONIO: Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Sunday, July 02, 2017

I'm still wrapping up my San Antonio trip that I took last month! It's amazing how many things we were able to fit into just a weekend trip.  Before heading home to Houston, Evelyn and I stopped by Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. There's actually two attractions at this location, the ranch, and cavern exploration, but unfortunately by the time we arrived the caverns were already closed for the day. But, we still had a great time going through the African Safari at the Wildlife Ranch. The Wildlife Ranch is split into two parts: a petting zoo area and an actual safari, where you drive around in your own vehicle to see all the animals that are roaming.  You also get feed with your ticket to feed to the animals. I wanted to swing by the petting zoo portion first to see some of the goats! They were so cute...AND soooo greedy.  They were basically eating the food (with the paper) out of our hands!

After taking a few selfies with the goats, we headed into the car to take the safari tour! There were so many animals. Some of them came right up to the car and others just blocked our path for awhile. Also, let's just say I have terrible, TERRIBLE aim! I tried to throw food out the window to the animals, and missed 90% of the time! hahahaha. But luckily the animals are used to it and just moseyed on over to wherever the food landed. 

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