WHAT I WORE: Star Wars - Unicorn Mashup

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Girls Night Out Unicorn Edition event was on May 4th, aka Star Wars Day. Most of you know that I'm a big nerd, and crazed fanatic of Star Wars. May 4th is Star Wars day because May the 4th sounds like May the Force, and over time it's been adopted by Star Wars lovers everywhere as Star Wars day. In honor of Star Wars day I wore my hair in buns and went to work with a Star Wars T-shirt on, and some lightsabers.  The Girls Night out event was that night, and I wanted to dress up in fun pastel colors for the Unicorn theme, but I decided to keep my Princess Leia hair...which is why this look is called Star Wars-Unicorn Mashup.  I'm also pretty obsessed with this blue lipstick that I bought at NYX, and I look for any opportunity to don the color. I felt the blue lipstick was MORE than appropriate for a unicorn themed party!

Thank you to Karinn from Feed the Curves for taking these photos for me!

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