WHAT I WORE: Road Trip Essentials

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I don't know about you, but when I'm picking out an outfit a road trip, I only have one word in mind: comfort.  As you know from my previous blog posts, earlier this month I did a little road trip to Houston's neighboring city, San Antonio. I didn't want to wear anything to tight that would be cutting into my stomach and rib cages for the duration of the ride, nor did I want to wear an impractical shoe just to look cute in the car, especially as the driver. For the trip, I defaulted to "Ol' Faithful"...Target to supply my outfit for the road trip.  This midi...almost maxi dress is super comfortable, and it has an A-line fit that pulls away from my stomach (room needed to unhealthy road trip snacks). It's also casual enough to wear with a pair of sneakers; which is EXACTLY what I did.  I know I keep throwing out the word comfortable, but these seriously are the comfiest sneakers I've ever owned, and they are sports shoes in the fit apparel section of Target!

While preparing for the roadtrip, I realized I have a list of things that I can't live without on a road trip, and somethings that are just essential for a safe and favorable trip.  I've already mentioned the top two: comfy clothes and comfy shoes.  So what else is on the list?  Ever since I discovered YETI cups I can't function in this hot weather without one. They are the perfect cup to hold ice or keep a liquid cold for hours...like in the case of a road trip! Another option to keeping packed beverages cool, is to pack a mini cooler with ice. I opt away from this idea, because coolers tend to leak (unless it's a YETI cooler), and I don't want water leaking in my car. 

I also think it's a good idea to have an old school road map. I have a phone and charger and built in GPS system in my car, but you just never know when "technology" will crap out on you. It's always good to have a back up plan.  I also get hangry if I don't eat every few hours. Instead of spending a lot of money at overpriced stores on your route, plan ahead and pack some snacks that can get you through the journey. I often choose to binge on my favorites, but I'm sure there are healthy food and drink options.  A car charger for your phone is an ABSOLUTE must. You do NOT want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no power on your cell phone. Don't be that person. 

Eating and drinking your way through a road trip generates quite a bit of trash, and you don't want to have to stop every few minutes to throw it away. DO NOT LITTER people, just bring a trash bag with you to store your trash until one of your rest stops.  I refuse to drive anywhere if I don't have music. This isn't up for negotiation. Ha!  Jumper cables and a first aid kit. You never know what can happen on a road trip. Your best bet is to try and pull over somewhere safe and public, or make it to a rest stop if you have car trouble, but in the event that you cannot, you'll need to have some essential items on you like jumper cables. It's also good to have a plan like AAA that can service your car wherever you're located.  And last but not least, depending on the time of day that you're taking your road trip, the sun can be pretty harsh! Wear sunblock and protect your eyes with sunglasses or a hat! What items do you like to take with you on a road trip?


Dress: Target / Necklace: Macy's / Watch: Michael Kors / Shades: Aldo Accessories
Socks: Target / Shoes: Target / Fitbit: Target

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