Tuesday, June 20, 2017

May 4th is officially Star Wars day because May the 4th sounds pretty similar to May the Force, and May the Force be with you is an iconic Star Wars saying.  There's an art gallery group in town called War'Hous and every year they put on a Star Wars festival the weekend of May 4th.  Somehow, I've been living in Houston for years now and have never attended this festival, so this year was my first time! I went with my friend Brittany from Pop Shop America.  The festival was held at a new event space in Houston called The Space HTX.  The Space HTX is conveniently located in Eado right next to one of my favorite restaurants; Tout Suite.  I arrived to the festival a little early and stopped in Tout Suite for a quick kolache. In full celebration of the Star Wars Festival, they had the above message on their chalkboard wall: May the Brunch be with you!

How cute is Brittany in her Boba Fett dress?
The premise of the Star Wars festival is for artists to take the theme of Star Wars and come up with unique and creative art installations that incorporate the theme.  I saw everything from a guitar that lights up with a death star in the middle, to Star Wars shot glasses. I was definitely in my element, because I love all things nerdy, and everyone there was a Star Wars fan. The booths were great because there was something for everyone. The artists were selling all of their artwork, which wasn't just Star Wars stuff, but a lot of it was nerdy. I tried to take as many pictures of cool artwork as I could! Check out some of the items below: 

I definitely bought a pair of lightsaber earrings. Since I own 2 red lightsabers, I bought a pair of the red lightsabers.

How cool are these metal Millennium Falcons? I also loved the Houston skyline signs.

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  1. This looks like such a fun time! My Best Friend is a huge Star Wars gal and I've got to fly her over to come to this next year. Have you been to Order 66 Toys near Kemah? Star Wars merch heaven!


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