Monday, June 26, 2017

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I haven't been to SeaWorld since I was a little kid. When we were offered tickets to visit the theme park in San Antonio, I happily accepted. I have a lot of amazing memories from the theme park, especially seeing Shamu. I was also happy to return to SeaWorld to rediscover the park.  It's no secret that some people have a negative image of zoos, and places like SeaWorld, and I was excited to see what SeaWorld has done to show the public that they care about animals. I'm a firm believe that animals are more at risk in the wild due to humans. If all animals could truly be free and safe from harm, I think most people would opt to have them roam free in the wild. But alas, this is not the case, and a lot of animals need help to survive, including creatures of the Sea!

SeaWorld San Antonio is comprised of two parks: SeaWorld and Aquatica.  Aquatica is a fun waterpark, with opportunities to relax on the beach or meet stingrays.  SeaWorld features animal encounters like swimming with dolphins or having dinner with a killer whale! They also have shows and rides, including the newly opened Wave Breaker rollercoaster! The Wave Breaker is a ride that simulates a marine rescue mission.  Unfortunately the ride opened the week AFTER we visited the park, so I definitely need to go back and check it out! 

Ok, it was a tad hot the day we went to Sea World, so I was overjoyed to discover this ice cream parlor across the way from the dolphin and beluga whale stadium. I definitely had several scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. It was JUST what the doctor ordered for a day in the heat.

I really like SeaWorld's overall mission to help injured marine animals. They've helped over 30,000 animals under their SeaWorld Cares initiative.  And they are actively involved with educating the community about marine life via their website and their education programs at SeaWorld. 

After watching the Beluga Whale and Dolphin show, we headed to Alligator Alley. There were SOOOO many alligators chillin' in this pond. Some were swimming, but most of them were sunbathing as still as a statue. I almost thought they were fake, because there was no movement at all.  It was fun to see how the alligators shared their enviroment with turtles and coi fish.  One of the turtles decided to snooze on the tail of one of the sunbathing alligators. Evelyn and I left the alligator area to eat lunch and when we came back an hour later, they were all in the same position! Ha! I love reptiles. I would love to own a bearded dragon or Iguana one day. I wonder if my cats would be okay with that?

Because we had so much to do before the trip back home to Houston, I didn't get to stay at SeaWorld as long as I would have liked. I would have loved to take in a Shamu experience or see the Pets Ahoy show, but this just means I'll have to come back. The last area we visited was the Sea Lion area. You could purchase food to feed to the Sea Lions and they were greedy about receiving the food! One lion was soooo loud. I guess that's why they call them Sea Lion because of their roar! All of them were too cute!

On our way exiting the park there was a sign to remind all of us that visiting SeaWorld does much more than just provide family entertainment. It helps our animal friends in the wild!

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