LLIS TRAVELS: Hotel Valencia Riverwalk

Thursday, June 22, 2017

This is a sponsored post. Complimentary stay was provided in exchange for an honest review. 

I love traveling, but since I'm not too keen on flying the best way for me to travel is through epic road trips. Houston is strategically located within driving distance of a lot of great cities, like San Antonio. San Antonio is only 3.5 hours away from Houston; just far enough to feel away from home but close enough that one can visit frequently.  I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to spend a weekend in San Antonio earlier this month with several other bloggers! I invited my blogger friend, Evelyn Casas from Eve-tinerary to go with me. We were gifted a 2 night stay at the newly remodeled Hotel Valencia, right on the Riverwalk.  In case you've never been to San Antonio and are unfamiliar with the Riverwalk, the Riverwalk is one of the main touristy attractions for the city outside of the Alamo! It's a below street level, man-made carved river system flanked by hotels, restaurants, shops, museums and much, much more! Having a hotel right on the Riverwalk is amazing because you can just go through your hotel right down to all of the attractions on the Riverwalk. 

Hotel Valencia is perfectly located on one of the more active streets in San Antonio: Houston Street, but it's super easy to access. You can pull right up in front where valet and hotel staff are ready to swiftly take your car and luggage.  I love taking photos of decor and architecture, so I took a ton of photos of the inside and outside of the hotel. Upon entering the hotel you are privy to this amazing entry way with an amazing stairwell and fountain.  The hotel also has a signature scent that you can smell ALL around the hotel. It's by far the BEST smelling hotel I've ever stayed in. I loved the smell so much that I purchased the candle and room spray of the scent that they had for sell at the check-in desk. I've decided that my humble abode back home needs to always smell like this hotel! 

Where there's a mirror, a photo needs to be taken!
If you're unable to take the stairs from the ground floor up to the check-in desk you can come around the fountain to the elevator area in the back. I liked the cattle heads that were used for decorations.
We checked into our first room and there was a bottle of wine and a nice welcome note from the hotel. Our room also had relaxing music playing and of course that wonderful scent!
Our original room was a King Bed room, and while I'm friends with my road-trip buddy Evelyn, we agreed that we would prefer a double! The hotel was able to quickly change us into a double bed room!

I liked that there was a weather card on the bed! How helpful is that? 
Cool light outside of the bathroom!

View from our hotel room
I even liked the decor in the hallway, especially the hardware on the corners.

After investigating our hotel room, we explored the hotel and came across their relaxing courtyard area. We hurried down to the courtyard which is located on the 3rd floor.

The beds were so comfy that I could have spent the entire weekend in this robe, just lounging in the bed!

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