LLIS TRAVELS: Dinner at Dorrego's

Friday, June 23, 2017

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After resting up from the road-trip, I finally made it out of my comfy hotel bed to head downstairs for dinner at Hotel Valencia's in house restaurant, Dorrego's. On the way to the restaurant, I discovered additional areas of the hotel, that I missed the first time around including this cool wall of orange (I thought they were oranges right away, but I still confirmed with the receptionist to make sure!) statuettes.  Each orange was signed by a famous person, or group that has stayed over the years at Hotel Valencia.  There of course MUST have been a mistake when we checked out on Sunday, because no one asked us to sign an orange, even though we are famous bloggers! (Ha, I chide!). I took pictures of some of the names, including the Evanescence orange!

Here's a throwback name: Amy Grant! I loved her album when I was younger. I definitely had it on cassette (showing my age)
I still sing Evanescence songs on the computer and I went to see them in concert last year when they came to Houston!
Some heavy hitters definitely stayed in the hotel!

After stopping to take a million more photos around the hotel, we finally made it to the restaurant. Dorrego's is a beautiful portion of Hotel Valencia, with options for outdoor balcony seating or indoors. We decided to eat indoors.  The very first thing I did was ask the waiter the definition of the world Dorrego.  He informed me that in meant open, aired plaza and while a part of the restaurant was indoors, the design of the space invoked a plaza ambiance, especially this cool archway that led to the kitchen area. 

I really liked the decorations used inside Dorrego's. All of the inside tables had little cattle figurines. I had to take a few pictures of our tiny visitor for dinner.  I also loved the ambiance in the restaurant. The warm lighting was really inviting and gave a sense of comfort. It would be the perfect spot for a date!

While waiting for our food, I stepped outside to check out the patio space.  The patio gives you stair access down to the riverwalk. Directly below Dorrego's is another restaurant. 


Both Evelyn and I ordered the smoked short-rib ravioli. It was soooo yummy! I was pretty full from the ravioli so we split an order of the Burnt Apple Espanadas for dessert. 

This dinner is cattle approved!

Burnt Apple Espanadas


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