#GirlsNightOut: Unicorn Edition

Thursday, June 15, 2017

I've been very lucky to make incredible connections over the years because of this blog. A lot of my closest friendships in Houston are with fellow bloggers. Erin Creeks is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. As the founder of Ms. Independent Group, Erin is always coming up with great events for all the independent women.  One of the most popular events for her organization is her #GirlsNightOut event. I was unable to attend last year, but knew that it was an event not to be missed; especially since this year's theme was everything Unicorn.  I was getting ready to purchase a ticket, when Erin reached out to me to ask me if I wanted to be one of the blogger flatlay stylists for the event. 

Now in case you aren't up on social media jargon. A flatlay is a method of composition and photography where the angle of the photograph appears to be taken from standing directly over the item(s) in question. It's more than just having an aerial shot. It involves strategic placement of the item or items to make them visually pleasing to the eye. The term flatlay has become so popular that there are Instagram accounts dedicated to featuring the best flatlays across the web.  

I was honored and super excited to be a flatlay stylist and to work with Erin on one of her events! 3 other bloggers were also asked to be stylists and each of us were assigned items by the event sponsors to display in a fun and creative flatlay.  I was assigned a certificate from Milk + Honey and a treatment mask from The Seaweed Bath Company.  These items on their own may not be the most exciting image, but the great thing about flatlays is that you can add ANYTHING to your photo to enhance the shot. As soon as Erin gave me my assignment, I knew I wanted to go with a flowery scene. I am a serial decor collector. I like hosting events and decorating my apartment, and I keep the things that I buy to decorate for events and my apartment. I already had a lot of the items I wanted to use in my flatlay and I just happened to stumble upon this cool faux fur fabric to place my items on. 

My final flatlay design. What do you think? Would you snap this?
Brandy from Authentically B's flatlay design.
Karinn from Feed the Curve's flatlay design.
Ashley from New Mom in a New Era's flatlay design.
After I was done designing my flatlay and admiring the great work of my fellow bloggers, I took in everything there was to offer at the event. There was unicorn decor and colors everywhere. The food was yummy! I admit I probably had one too many sweets. There were a lot of vendors there selling everything from fork earrings to tasers. I left with pepper spray from Damsel in Defense and two banana leave print illustrations from RongRong. Hotel Ylem was there offering massages and waxing. I definitely had my eyebrows waxed before I left. 

The event was held at 2929 Wesleyan, a luxury highrise near the galleria area. This was the view from the event space!

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  1. Awesome coverage!!!! I'll definitely be reposting some of these pics ( and giving you credit of course) but these are awesome. I'm so glad you were involved. :)


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