EXPLORE SAN ANTONIO: Riverwalk & Riverboat Tour

Saturday, June 24, 2017

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I've blogged about the San Antonio Riverwalk in the past, but this is the first time I was able to take one of the riverboat tours. I definitely recommend taking the riverboat tour if you go to San Antonio. It takes you around the riverwalk and the host gives you a lot of History about San Antonio and the buildings around the riverwalk.  Before heading down to the Riverwalk, I took a couple more pictures of the area around our hotel, and then we headed down to the Riverwalk. While I loved the boat tour, the only thing I took issue with was finding where to get on the boat.  Evelyn and I walked around for what seemed like forever with different people telling us different directions for where to catch the boat. Even with the signs on the Riverwalk we continued to have no luck. Finally I yelled out to one of the Riverboat drivers as they were passing us to ask where the stop was, and we found the right location! The cool thing about being sort of lost in the Riverwalk was discovering new things!  Thank you to the City of San Antonio for gifting us with VIP Passports to partake in exciting attractions around the city, like the riverboat tour!

I really liked this old school ticket booth across the street from our hotel.

I thought these street columns were gorgeous!

Below street level, I had to take a picture of the Houston Street sign.

I loved the design on these stairs!

This red archway was particularily fun!

The Chamber of Commerce building will help you if you're planning to move to San Antonio!

Tower of the Americas peeking out in the background.
The San Antonio Convention Center

This mural is known as the Confluence of Civilizations.
"The mural symbolizes the progress made by the confluence of civilizations in the Western Hemisphere. Adam and Eve are in the middle; European civilization is depicted on the right, and indigenous meso-American civilization on the left." Quote from CultureNOW

Scenes from the Miss Congeniality movie were filmed on this stage!


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