Bloggers & Babes Pamper Party at District At Memorial

Friday, June 02, 2017

Again, I apologize for being severely behind on my recaps. I've been super busy picking out a new place to live and spending every minute that I wasn't planning a Bachelorette party, or working on my new business venture, packing!  At the end of April, I co-hosted another event with my blogger gal pal, Chimee from Around The Way Gyrl. I love hosting events with Chimee because she always has everything together.  Chimee approached me about co-hosting a pamper party for bloggers and babes. I was definitely on board! Who doesn't love a pamper party?!?

I was tasked with finding a venue, procuring food, and bringing decorations. Chimee took care of aligning vendors to perform pamper services at the event, like manicures, facials, and massages, swag bags, and drinks.  The pricing was amazing to attend this event. You could choose to pay for one service or do a package deal with everything for $75.00.  Everyone in attendance received a cute swag bag. 

For the event, I wanted a nice space and I reached out to my favorite contacts for when it comes to finding a space, and they recommended hosting the event at District at Memorial. District at Memorial is a fairly new apartment complex located near City Centre. It's an amazing apartment complex with great amenities and an amazing lounge space. For food I was able to procure yummy pizza from Russo's Pizzeria. This was my first time having Russo's and they DID NOT disappoint. I saw the biggest pizza of my life that day!  

Chimee and I arrived a couple hours early to set-up. I decided to go with a Spring-themed decor. I actually had a lot of spring items up in my apartment so I borrowed from my stash and then picked up some more things at Target and the Dollar store.   Guests starting arriving at 3 and it was nice to just relax and mingle with the other girls in attendance. My friend Jolene showed up with one of her friends to have manicures done! They were super happy with their results, and that's all we could ask for right?  Check out photos from the pamper party below! 

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