EXPLORE SAN ANTONIO: Tower of the Americas & Hemisfair Park

Sunday, June 25, 2017

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It's no secret that I'm a history buff. I subscribe to daily "This Day in History" newsletters from The History Channel...lol. Standing 750 feet tall, the Tower of the Americas is full of history and it's another great attraction to see when visiting San Antonio.  The observation deck at the top features a Flags Over Texas murals that describe the history of the 6 nations that claimed ownership of what we know today as Texas: Spain, France, United States, Republic of Texas, Confederate State of America, and Mexico. And just in case you didn't know, Six Flags amusement park originated in Texas, and it's called 6 flags to represent the 6 nations that ruled over Texas. Thanks to the passport gifted to us by the City of San Antonio, we were able to check out Tower of the Americas.  

Before heading to the Tower we stopped for dinner at a place nearby called Houston Street Bistro. They were actually "closed" waiting to open for their reserved dinners at 6/6:30, but they were nice enough to let us come in and enjoy a meal.  This actually was my favorite meal of the entire weekend; shrimp and garlic ravioli...so yummy. I will definitely be returning to this restaurant the next time I'm in San Antonio.  The restaurant caters to the theater crowd of San Antonio because it's located next to the iconic Majestic theater.  Their menu items were named after musicals and plays, which I thought was so cute:

Tower of the Americas is located at Hemisfair park,  the site of the 1968 World's Fair.  It was pretty close to where we were staying at the hotel, so we decided to just uber to the Tower.  Since the Tower is located in a park, there are a lot of other things to see around the tower. There's a gorgeous waterfall, some historical houses, and just some nice places to relax. There's even a playground for kids (or adults...see pictures below).  The first thing we did was redeem our complimentary tickets to go to the observation deck.  There's also a restaurant on the observation deck, called Chart House. The observation deck was my favorite part, because I loved reading the murals on the 6 nations that ruled over Texas.  It was also cool to step outside and have an amazing 360 view of San Antonio aka Alamo City! 

Beautiful waterfall area outside Tower of the Americas.

After checking out everything the Observation deck had to offer, we decided to explore more of Hemisfair Park.

I liked the style of this house! So cute!

After exploring the park we headed back to the tower to catch the 4D film, Skies Over Texas that plays in a theater on the bottom floor. I also purchased a colorful fringe necklace from the souvenir shop.

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