What I Wore: Dia&Co Plus-Size Subscription Box

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Sometimes, as a full-figure girl, I feel left out of the mix when it comes to trends, and cute clothing for my size.  Don't get me wrong. The fashion industry has made significant headway when it comes to including women at all ends of the spectrum. From petite, to curvy, to tall, but still our choices aren't as abundant as those available for industry's "normal" sizes. One of the things I've been wanting to try are subscription clothing boxes. Subscription boxes are all the rage nowadays. You can basically sign up to receive a monthly box of ANYTHING now adays.  Until recently none of the subscription boxes offered clothing in plus-sizes so I gave up.  

However, when Dia & Co reached out to me to try out one of their subscription boxes that focuses on plus-size fashions, I was super excited.  They sent me some really great stuff but the piece I loved the best was this floral A-line dress. It was the perfect dress for Easter.  I also had the opportunity to interview the team at Dia & Co on their mission and goals for plus-size women. Check out the interview below: 

Who are the creators of Dia & Co, and how did they come up with the name?
Dia&Co was founded in 2014 by Harvard Business School Alumni, Nadia Boujarwah and Lydia Gilbert.  Nadia had noticed that her fashion experiences growing up weren't only unique to her, but to a whole community of women.  The name Dia comes from the end of their first names: LyDIA and NaDIA. 

How did they come up with the concept of Dia&Co subscription boxes for plus-size women?
Nadia and Lydia were driven to create Dia&Co by the belief that style can act as a catalyst for self-love. They are continually inspired by women looking and feeling beautiful in clothes and that many women are told they can’t and should not wear certain items. Dia&Co was founded to support these women, and to help every woman find clothes that makes her feel uniquely her. They started out personally shopping in department stores and sending boxes to women all over the nation, and that developed into their Dia&Co vision.

How do you choose the brands that you send out in the subscription boxes?
Dia&Co seeks out brands that align with our values - committed to serving her with great style and fit.  We work with everyone from big brands to small indie brands to make sure our customer gets variety and options in her style journey. 

How does one go about becoming a personal stylist for Dia&Co?
You can apply to become a Dia&Co stylist at www.dia.com/careers

Tell us a little bit more about the #MyBodyFirst campaign
My Body First, is Dia&Co's first major campaign. It explores women's emotionally-charged shopping experiences -- including those of Dia&Co Co-Founder and CEO Nadia Boujarwah.  You can view the powerful video here. The campaign called for an approach to shopping that celebrates and prioritizes women's actual bodies

How does the process at Dia&Co work?
First, the customer takes an online survey about her current wardrobe and style. This helps Dia&Co build her profile.  Once her profile is complete, she'll receive an email confirmation of when to expect her box.  Before the stylist pulls items for the box, she'll be charged a $20 styling fee. This fee will be credited towards her account and will be applied to any purchase she makes from her box. Once her box arrives she can try on all of the items in the comfort of her own home! She keeps only what she loves and returns the rest -- free shipping both ways. She'll only be charged for the items she chooses to keep!

Where do you see the future of plus-size clothing going?
We expect to see a radical change within the industry as we continue to move towards true inclusivity in fashion. All sizes will become "mainstream," and clothing options will be as varied and diverse for plus size women as they currently are for straight size women.

Is there anything else you would like for my readers to know about Dia&Co?
This year, Dia&Co asked New York Fashion Week designers to move from talk about inclusivity in fashion to action with a The New York Times Thursday Styles full page ad offering their support to create plus-size lines. More information about Dia&Co's #MoveFashionForward campaign can be found here.

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  1. Shas, loving this outfit! Cool tones are also great for spring! #selflove #diaandco


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