The Ashmore's Blog 3-Year Anniversary party

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Finding time to blog has been a bit of a struggle lately. Work has been really busy, so I'm pretty exhausted when I get home from work, and between trying to get ready to move and launching a new business, I admit that blogging has fallen by the wayside...oops! So that is why you are just now seeing posts from things I attended in February! One of these events was Brittany Ashmore's 3-Year Blog Anniversary party. I love when bloggers celebrate their blogs. Blogging is a lot of work, and going beyond even a year is a true testament to a blogger's passion and dedication. I should know because I've been blogging for 7 years now! 

Brittany blogs at The Ashmore's Blog and she celebrated her 3-year blogiversary at Kendra Scott's location in City Centre. City Center is STILL one of my favorite locations in Houston, as you know because I had my birthday party there! There was a ton of food, including yummy mini banana fosters which have become one of my favorite desserts.  It was fun catching up with some other bloggers that I hadn't seen in awhile and meeting some for the first time in person. It's always fun when you can meet someone that you've only known online so far in person!

For the event, I picked out one of my favorite blouson-style dresses from White House Black Market. This style of dress has become my new favorite, as it takes away from my stomach problem area! Ha!

I ended up purchasing these pair of earrings. They reminded me of medieval weapons and I had to have them!
Picture with Brittany in her fabulous sparkly gown!

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