Monday, May 29, 2017

A few weeks ago I was invited to a Murder Mystery Dinner hosted by my friend Lisa Carey.  Lisa is a phenomenal blogger at Money Saving Parent and Owner of New Creative Media, and a good friend of mine! I was super excited when she invited me to her Murder Mystery Dinner (MMD). I've always wanted to attend a MMD, so I was definitely on board. It also helped that the theme was 1920s which is one of my favorite decades for fashion and architectural design. I love ANY excuse to dress up as a dame from the 20s.  The dinner was held at The Star. The Star is a newly renovated luxury apartment complex located in the heart of downtown Houston. It was the perfect setting for a 1920s themed dinner because the building was originally built in 1912 for Texaco and it still has a ton of it's old school charm. 

Before the dinner kicked off there was a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres hour in the main lobby of The Star.  Almost everyone who attended the party dressed up so it was a lot of fun taking pictures of everyone in their 1920s getup. Lisa brought in the Murder Mystery Company to host our dinner, so it was totally legit! The actors were a lot of fun and stayed in character the whole night! I highly recommend this company if you ever want to host a Murder Mystery dinner of your own!

Lisa asked if I wouldn't mind bringing in some of my 1920s props from my 1920s themed birthday that I had a few years ago. I definitely kept a lot of things from that party since the Art Deco era is one of my favorites, I knew that I would host another themed party one day, so I was happy to loan some items. I brought all of my 1920s photo booth props, several ostrich feather plumes, and some boas!

I received "Best Dressed" for the evening!

The only team that solved the clue was Alba and her hubby! However, Alba's hubby is a police detective in real life, so I think there was some unfair advantage. Hahahaha. JK! I think it's amazing how he figured it out.  While the rest of us were focusing on useless facts and information, he discerned what was ACTUALLY important to solve the case. Proud to know that he's a member of the Houston Police Force!
We arrested the Murderer!
Lisa is a fab Hostess with the Mostess

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