WHAT I WORE: Black Out

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I met up with my home girls Leena and Brenda for cocktails and food at Yard House. We used to work with Brenda, and definitely bonded quickly so the three of us want to make sure to keep in touch.  The happy hour was a little after work, so I had enough time to change my outfit.  Call me old school, but there are just some fashion rules that I still live wholeheartedly by. One of the main ones is that black is slimming.  I truly believe this saying! Wearing black IS slimming! It's also one of my favorite go-to colors or I should say, absorber of all colors.  Thank you to Leena for taking these photos for me!

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  1. Shas! We #homegirls foooo lllliiiffeeee. hehehehe xoxoxx


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