Saturday, April 08, 2017

The day after the preview night gala was Press Day.  Media reps were able to arrive before the show officially opened to the public to participate in several press conferences.  I had some work related items to take care of that morning, so I didn't arrive until the Chrysler press conference, but it was pretty great getting to hear from the makers about new features and vehicles that they were excited about.  

Chrylser was excited to introduce the first ever hybrid minivan.  They transformed the Pacifica into an energy efficient car that a family could be proud of!!  A fully charged battery and full gas tank in the hybrid pacific gives 84 miles per gallon. Can you imagine? At that fuel economy you could drive for 8 hours without stopping! Based on their market research they found that consumers want people to know they are driving a hybrid, but don't want to obnoxiously show it.  Chrysler took this info into consideration when they decided to offer a paint color of teal that is only offered with the hybrid pacifica.  They also installed teal color around the Chrysler emblem, a teal e symbol on the gas tank, and featured teal on the dashboard to show when you're driving at max fuel efficiency. I thought this was pretty neat! I've never been a fan of mini-vans, but if I had a big family I would definitely consider this one! I love the teal color! 

After Chrysler I headed to Mazda for their press conference. On stage was the most noteable Mazda vehicle, the CX-5.  The CX-5 has become Mazda's global core model, making up over a quarter of their global sales volume. The 2017 model has over 700 product enhancements that were incorporated into the design. These enhancements include sky active vehicle dynamics, a series of new generation vehicle motion control technologies including GVC - G Vector Control.  The CX-5 is already in showrooms around the country and starts at an affordable MSRP of $24K.


My favorite vehicle in Mazda's lineup besides the Mazda 6 is their new hard-top MX-5 RF. The RF is the new 4th generation of the MX-5, in which the RF denotes a more premium experience, the retractable hardback and fast back styling. The MX-5 RF has one of the fastest retractable times of any hard-top. When this car was put on the market for consumers it sold out within 13 hours. 

I've personally always been a fan of Mazda, and I'm not the only one! According to consumer reports they're entire line-up is recommended for 2017.  The epa recognized Mazda as the most fuel efficient car brand for the 4th year in a row and US News and World Report named Mazda the best car brand for the 2nd year in a row.   Mazda is doing very well for themselves! As of March their US sales are up by 7% and up by 8% in Houston alone! Mazda will definitely continue to be a top competitor in the car market! 

Another impressive item that Mazda does is their Mazda Drive for Good Campaign. Mazda pledges one hour of charitable service for every test drive of a new Mazda in a program area.  This past year Mazda raised more than $5.3 million dollars and generated 72,000 volunteer hours.  Since it's launch in 2013 Mazda has donated more than $13 Million and has pledged more than 195,000 charitable service hours. I think this is amazing, and I'm unaware of other car brands that are doing the same thing!

After the Mazda press conference I headed over to Ford to see what they had to say about their 2017 Ford Expedition.  After their briefing, I roamed around and checked out some of the other brands (later post, stay tuned) and I also participated in the Camp Jeep and Dodge Ram test drives! If you follow me on Instagram and facebook you already saw those experiences!!! Stay tuned for my 3rd and final post on the Auto Show coming soon!

2017 Ford Expedition

Jeep's Camp Jeep Experience

Dodge Ram Experience

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